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The Wolf of Wall Street Clip - Nothing But Short Skirts (HD) Leonardo DiCaprio

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http://www.joblo.com - "The Wolf of Wall Street" Clip - Nothing But Short Skirts (HD) Leonardo DiCaprio A New York stockbroker refuses to cooperate in a large securities fraud case involving corruption on Wall Street, corporate banking world and mob infiltration. In theaters: November 15, 2013 Director: Martin Scorsese Writers: Jordan Belfort (book), Terence Winter (screenplay) Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jon Favreau, Margot Robbie Copyright @ Paramount Pictures
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Text Comments (394)
I thought fat amy was on the thumbnail so I clicked instantly
Mario Henrique (12 days ago)
With a blonde like that, I'd smell their panties the entire day as a mad dog!!!
mksrookies (29 days ago)
But then He has a ton of money and he can get pussy else where when he wants it.
Alex Qui (1 month ago)
I would let her give me aids
Alan C (1 month ago)
Margo Robbie cured my ED😋
GTA.ORIGINAL (1 month ago)
This scene has alot of power
:D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRed98mi_7c
happyz hoodwinker (2 months ago)
I loved 0:45 when half of the screen was covered with promos of other clips
Rst28 (3 months ago)
This chick is so nice, I'd let her take a dump on my forehead...
bond j (3 months ago)
Freaking teaser!!!
Gordon Music (3 months ago)
Hahaha stopped at the gates of hell
Abbas Ali (3 months ago)
Yep she is beautiful as always
Nilesh pawar (3 months ago)
Yeah yeah
Markus Chelios (4 months ago)
At least he doesn't have to work at making her orgasm.
Ramez Ernest (4 months ago)
Samah Nader (4 months ago)
And their daughter suddenly disappears!!!
Juan López (4 months ago)
Yo tambien se lo mamaba incluso teniendo su tomate pateado!!!
Gary Smith (4 months ago)
disliked for adult content ecks deee
CocacolaBoy83 (4 months ago)
Che bona dio la benedica
Seno Budd (4 months ago)
I don't understand this kind of "no sex for a week" bullshit by women Excuse you, but I have a sex drive, I'm not gonna sit around and just because you're being a little bitch It's no way to win an argument You declare no sex for a whole month I'll get a prostitute But I'll never get into those kind of relationship anyways (With those kind of girls I mean) So I'm just talking
Estebahn G (4 months ago)
what a beautiful woman!
God Bless America (4 months ago)
🗣EAT IT!!!
robert roussett (4 months ago)
one damn good movie and based on a true story. should have won awards but the subject matter (rippin people off, drugs, sex, hedonism) didn't help with the 'oi farts at the academy club,...rr
Adriauna Xx (4 months ago)
I love her voice and accent
flownet07 (4 months ago)
Somehow the only song that comes to my mind is Torture from the Jacksons 5...
inutero10 (5 months ago)
She kinda looks retarded in this scene.
James Boss (5 months ago)
Shes too good for him shit reminds me of upskirtt.com lmaoo
Karolina Nowak (5 months ago)
Margot robbie is queen
Lucy Allins (5 months ago)
Who? Who? What are you a fuckin owl!
thelwDENmporw (6 months ago)
This is why women rule the world.
Bruno Matassini (6 months ago)
Ana Baron (6 months ago)
Margot Robbie is from Peter Rabbit as Flopsy and Suicide Squad as Harley Quinn
My Diễm (7 months ago)
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 cô ấy thật đẹp 😍😍
PurpleFiiilth (7 months ago)
damn thats an ugly baby
Gabriel Williams (7 months ago)
PurpleFiiilth She's cute dude come on be nice, by the way hello though!
EMONEY (7 months ago)
She could run a mile and then sit rt on my face.
Angus Jones (7 months ago)
The fucking end-screens get in the way
I’m Dominican Bitch (7 months ago)
Feel bad for the baby😭She Needs To Hear this😢
7.62 full metal (7 months ago)
where do they make them kinda babes ?
phoebe De Monte Falcon (8 months ago)
She has the most sexy voice ever
Devid Dravid (8 months ago)
TopFlightSecurity415 (8 months ago)
pussy to men is what kyrptonyte is to superman
Frank Castle (8 months ago)
Margot Robbie Gets me excited 😍
Cheeky (8 months ago)
Margot robbie is such a great actress !!!! and sexy
swedishfootballfan (10 months ago)
When I watch this video there is ads in the end of the video. Why is that?
Federico Aznarez (10 months ago)
bo flaco, dejame la escena hasta el final porfavor te lo pido
hamimn hamim (10 months ago)
Fucken sexy ! Ouffffff
Green Sombrero (1 year ago)
that is one hot babe
orourkeda (1 year ago)
The pussy should be classified as a weapon of mass destruction.
Takashi (1 year ago)
pussy can bring any man down to their knees and broke.
Ferdzor (1 year ago)
Yeah we just love that pop ads covering 70% of the screen... FUCK YOU.
Mr Green (1 year ago)
yeah? XD
kannan soso (1 year ago)
0:59 LOL!!
Faith (1 year ago)
"But No Touching!"
Rachel Kaceny (1 year ago)
*but no touching*
lemoncandy (1 year ago)
Is it actually weird that I want to do that to a guy someday ? I like being the dominant one, so...
Teddy KGB (1 year ago)
Whoever came up with the idea of covering half the screen with crap before the video is over should be stoned to death.
zurpah Official (1 month ago)
ZZtop stranger (1 month ago)
Those people are MORONS, MOOOORONS !!!
nahor88 (1 month ago)
Farhan Wazir (1 year ago)
Pure blonde cunt voice she should work in brazzers
Lara Bianca (1 year ago)
How the hell does she suddenly puts that shoe in Leo's face without fucking stabbing his eyeball??
abe mitchell (1 year ago)
You know I wish I could watch these videos without having your retarded shit popping up and ruining the video
ABIGAIL HAGGAR (1 year ago)
Charly Braum (1 year ago)
la concha de tu hermana!: no quiero decir malas palabras!: pero sos un hijo de rre mil puta , me venis cagando 2 escenas completas!: SACAS LOS VANEEER+
Cry Baby (1 year ago)
Who else loves her accent
Martin Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Jesus FUCKING Christ...those legs. I normally love big black girls but this blondie really got me here.
Wis Dom (1 year ago)
Damn! I gotta become a millionaire...quick!
Abraham Mitchell (1 year ago)
Rachel McLean (1 year ago)
This scene gave men boners and women ideas ;)
Barba Amz (1 year ago)
the China man pisses me off in this scene I would smash he's face in
joe efendi (1 year ago)
Alec Clark (1 year ago)
Lucky bastard
Alec Clark (1 year ago)
Just like Joseph Gordon levit. DiCaprio hasn't aged a bit. They both have a baby face that older women melt for. Me I'm too creepy. Atleast that's what they all tell me.
Alec Clark (1 year ago)
For someone who describes himself as "too catholic" and almost became a papest priest at one point. Scorsese has got some nerve directing a woman with no panties on
The Pornographer (1 year ago)
How could get other pussies you know?
K- Queen (1 year ago)
what happened to the baby
G.M.T (1 year ago)
That baby has a better acting career than me, FUCK.
Winobie75 (2 years ago)
What a bitch! I want one
Alec Clark (1 year ago)
Winobie75 I need a job
Mid NighT (2 years ago)
Henry Llajaruna (2 years ago)
HI GUYS! :D *gets slapped on the shoulder*
Ceren Romanoff (2 years ago)
Daddy? You mean "Daddy's Lil Monster" ?
Episodeeex (2 years ago)
Dank As (2 years ago)
I thought this was Emma Stone the whole time wtf
where I Can watch this film please
Golden Hawks Studios (1 year ago)
Go on google and type In '123Movies'
Sabino Cadena (2 years ago)
i think it was on netflix
Exequiel Lapeire (2 years ago)
George Spears (2 years ago)
Why the hell does she sound MORE like Harley Quinn in this movie than she does in the Suicide Squad trailer?
singlelady414 (2 years ago)
this scene will be a legend
Amane Nishiki (2 years ago)
I'm gonna start wearing nothing but short short skirts.
Nao chan (2 years ago)
"fuck her right in the pussy !!!"
Lauren Bunton (2 years ago)
Y is she calling him daddy when they look the same age? Y is she sick of wearing panties?
jupiterj reactor (2 years ago)
She is 23 and 40s
Wicked pornographic garbage!! Repent your sins to Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior, before it is too late, this kind of garbage is the only way you will be send to Hell for ETERNITY for which the power of the Lord Almighty is the mightiest and there is no need to deny it. For those who insults The Lord, then be casted to the Lake of Fire for an eternity when you die, you ignorant blasphemous fools of the wicked valley.
daniel88rosa (2 years ago)
Solsist Roblox (2 years ago)
Youre right. Oh wait that can't be true. No, you're the one who's going to hell! You just hide behind the bible as an excuse. No, thats to convenient. You're the one who looked this up! And your negatively affecting gods name. Thats a double negative. In Dank Memes 4:20, it states "Grab an ice cold beer and fuck her right in the pussy." Yet you wont. You must burn.
Hassan Nahlawo (2 years ago)
Hassan Nahlawo (2 years ago)
Yohance Bailey (2 years ago)
wcwlives (2 years ago)
Mmmmmm, Harley Quinn....I mean, Margot Robbie
Lyle L.J. Plummer Jr. (7 months ago)
I like her. She played as Harley Quinn.
Angel Simone (2 years ago)
She does sound like Harley Quinn! LOL Love Margot Robbie in this movie and I can't wait for Sucide Squad! She is on the cover of Vanity Fair and she was also in Tarzan!
Immortan Joe (2 years ago)
rynox19 (2 years ago)
THAT is how you call a man "daddy".
Derrick BIlzerian (2 years ago)
haha Fuck! she's just wow
William Russell (2 years ago)
And you know what? Mommy is just so sick and tired of wearing pantys. Leo's face :( then whimpers "yea" lmfao hahahaha ! I hope that females acting career goes downhill and she has to resort to fucking porn!
Siddhant Pandey (2 years ago)
+rynox19 yes why is this guy praying for the downfall of such an amazing actress?
rynox19 (2 years ago)
+William Russell The fuck is wrong with you?
KevDerNether Gass (2 years ago)
Lucia Dubois (2 years ago)
fuck her right in th the pussy
Alec Clark (1 year ago)
Lucia Dubois I think you mean grab her by the pussy lol
Patch (2 years ago)
love that puerto accent too tho
Mikey Palacios (2 years ago)
I think you mean New York accent. Which a lot of Puerto Ricans have as well.
Patch (2 years ago)
yall gotta see the sex scene lool
Patch (2 years ago)
she sooo hot nearly my fav alongside Marny Kennedy lool
Jeremiah Stewart (3 years ago)
This women is...like a miracle. That is how you punish a guy....we will definitely get the point. Damn this scene is just fucking the balls
Lel Ek (3 years ago)
Damn...That voice
Buchanan Games (3 years ago)
33 seconds in, the moment every teenager broke
Murano (3 years ago)

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