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MLP: Fighting is Magic - Applejack's Theme (Super-Extended Version)

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Theme composed by RainbowCrash88 for the game "Fighting is Magic" developed by ManeSixDev. Enjoy! Click HERE to download the ORIGINAL audio file! http://www.sendspace.com/file/71f710 Do you wanna see Applejack's new splash art? http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-xqWxzcqimnE/T9UhD3S3-qI/AAAAAAAAAjA/g4NtYko3mBk/s1600/ApplejackSplash---BSU-edit.png Download the game HERE! http://www.equestriadaily.com/2014/02/fighting-is-magic-tribute-edition.html
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Text Comments (988)
JosephRBLX ··· (11 days ago)
I'm scared to touch the cutie mark pls tell me what is it
Lovely dragon (2 years ago)
ok kids, whatever you do, DO NOT CLICK ON APPLEJACKS CUTIE MARK
Omar Luis Villagómez (3 months ago)
What comes out?
Riu18-Angelo-N. (1 year ago)
jea i see that is ugly part, do not watch
mystery man (2 years ago)
Coccinelle (2 years ago)
Proud to be a brony c:
GlitchArt (3 years ago)
*clicks cutiemark* *drops waffle*
Alanroxtheparty (3 years ago)
I like it when they put the part of the winter wrap up and remixed it like that.
UndertakerU2ber (3 years ago)
You know, it's sad when an indie game like this is much more polished than most AAA games that are first released...I'm looking at you Bethesda, EA, and Ubisoft.
Slutty Rainbow Dash (2 years ago)
+Michael Green Far Cry 3 was the last good thing from Ubisoft
Michael Green (2 years ago)
+UndertakerU2ber I'm looking at ubisoft the most, Unity might as well be in early beta with how badly programmed it is. onw boss is quite literally impossible.
SwerveStarEx (3 years ago)
This may just be my favorite of the songs in this game. >w< It's so GOOD.
Weafeon (3 years ago)
Themes of this game are stuck in my head. Babysitting effects...
Lilananas (3 years ago)
Please let this be my theme song
ajniNgorbyC (3 years ago)
I think you should re-upload the original file or, if you didn't upload it, tell the person who did to re-upload it and same with the Rainbow Dash theme
Hehee Woohee (3 years ago)
romy gill (3 years ago)
Omar Luis Villagómez (3 months ago)
Nothing came to me
Harris Boonkerd (3 years ago)
i love this music! 
Xander Caulder (3 years ago)
Applejack, how is it I cannot bucking be as epic as you
CrashyBash (3 years ago)
Awesome theme!
Gio Prower (2 years ago)
+Rainbow Dash Yes it is! your theme is great to!
Lord Slicer (3 years ago)
+Rainbow Dash Talk to me senpai
Lord Slicer (3 years ago)
+Rainbow Dash *Hugs u* ur so cute
CrashyBash (3 years ago)
+Lord Slicer If chu want
Lord Slicer (3 years ago)
+Rainbow Dash Rainbow Dash do I have permission to hug u
Angustehgreat (3 years ago)
Clearly the best theme.
seguriti234 (4 years ago)
ptm q increíble joder q hallan creado esta obra maestra T-T
solarizexhc (4 years ago)
I don't like MLP, but this theme is pretty sweet.
Jack Yannucci (4 years ago)
Who remembers this as the Saxton Hale theme for AJ?
Emeraldsands (1 year ago)
Aster (3 years ago)
I do. :3 
Baron Von Schu (4 years ago)
komaeda (4 years ago)
Michelle Cifuentes (4 years ago)
This song is so awesome. It has something so beautiful, I can't even describe it. It's just so Applejack I guess. I love it
EdgeRP (3 years ago)
+Queenofawesome25  Agreed
EdgeRP (3 years ago)
+Robban Robbson Swe LOL
Nord (3 years ago)
Yeah...We can see it on your smile!
Jack Brakebone (4 years ago)
BEST THEME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gigi Cheng (4 years ago)
Jay Boogie (4 years ago)
I still wish with all  my soul that this game comes out but it never will /sigh
komaeda (4 years ago)
komaeda (3 years ago)
komaeda (3 years ago)
Catinis AJ (3 years ago)
It is Diamond Tiara's theme. DONT TOUCH IT.  CLICK IT. ;-;
komaeda (4 years ago)
Lol, what
Shay Rose (4 years ago)
Another slightly creepier song about diamond tiara with a squidward face... I dunno xD
Elsword Sieghart (4 years ago)
none of the others don't
Elsword Sieghart (4 years ago)
This is the only one the actully sounds related to applejack
alex de sousa (4 years ago)
winter wrap up???
Rougamaru (4 years ago)
I feel sorry for you American bronies, my waifu bought the complete version of this game at compfest last year in Tokyo, we play together everyday, my big mac whoops her rainbow dash everytime, but her cutie mark crusaders are brutal! seriously, if ya want this game, or want to try some great verboten games, hit up the Tokyo underground markets and bazaars, they have the best black list games and programs. and listen, nobody cares, it's a legal grey area at worst, so don't worry aboot getting busted, seriously, it's not even a concern. take care!
Rougamaru (4 years ago)
+IwantpspROBLOX well, to each their own. I for one am quite happy with my small collection of undergames and underDLC. after all, how the heck else was I supposed to get a playable Jon Talbain for MVC3? I just wish he spoke English instead of bancho.
Rougamaru (4 years ago)
+IwantpspROBLOX I hear ya, these underground games are great, but still, ya want em to be legit, ya know? also, the games only in Japanese. imagine hearing the mane 6 speak Japanese. big mac is particularly hard to take, as his voice actor is doing the most Japanese john wayne impersonation ever. RD is kinda hard to take too, as she's speaking a very annoying breed of "janglish" instead of an actual language. and they made spike speak mandarin, which is brilliant as his alternate costume is him wearing kung fu clothes with a fu Manchu beard. (like I said, brilliant!) XD
Rougamaru (4 years ago)
+IwantpspROBLOX look man, it's like this, in the Japanese underground video game culture, everytime one of these popular American fan projects gets C&D'd, there's always some demented otaku or otaku club, that takes it upon themselves to complete the game, often without the knowledge or consent of the original creators or the legal owners. it's called being a maverick, being E-1337, sticking it to the megacorperations for the sake of freedom of creativity, savvy?
爆乳聖人 (4 years ago)
I think I just realized does each theme use each pony's part of winter wrap up?
Orchid Blossom (2 years ago)
+Sparklz_Dash Twilight has both the main theme and At the Gala, RD has At The Gala, AJ has Winter Wrap up, Rarity has Art of the Dress, Pinkie has Giggle at the Ghosties and Cupcakes, Flutters has Hush Now Quiet Now
Sparklz_Dash (2 years ago)
+Nortes LUNA (Spitfire Films) And Rd has parts of at the gala.
Sekhmet The Fennec (4 years ago)
+LeiMagnus Twilight's has part of the mane theme.
Kevink214 (4 years ago)
This game is dead thanks to Hasbro stopping them from making the rest of the game.
Streiben Bones (3 years ago)
They had to :x It's a crime to hurt copyrights. Without Hasbro we wouldn't even have this awesome fandom... A copyright issue with a game is  a small price to pay for that :S
Chris Lee (4 years ago)
May I ask if you could re-upload this song once more?  it seems to have expired, and I freaking love this song.  Your talent is incredible!
Arska-Inka (4 years ago)
This song is perfect for AJ
Cosmic Pixel (3 years ago)
Cosmic Pixel (3 years ago)
awsome music for applejack hasbro should put this for season 4 or season 5 soundtracks and the other mane 6 themes also who knows
I play diz every time when i playin' as Engineer
Alexandra Garcia (4 years ago)
Dat cutie mark is a spy! Ponies. :3
Aaricia // zeepaarden (4 years ago)
+ZeroNitroMan it is not some''brony'' it is some''pony''
Sam Lucero (4 years ago)
So I guess despite how amazing these themes are they never made the game?
miklepikle1 (4 years ago)
Actually, They are still continuing development of the game. You can keep up to date on their twitter. https://twitter.com/ManeSix
Cody Stefanini (4 years ago)
This happened a long time ago and things might have changed, so I could be wrong, but Hasbro sent them a C&D letter to cease development of the game.
Yoshiman360 (4 years ago)
"Mighty respectable, but lemme show you how it's really done!" *dead*
luminozero (4 years ago)
Listen to 1:02 "No easy task to clear the ground, plant our tiny seeds. With proper care and sunshine, everyone it feeds. Apple, carrots, celery stalks, colorful flowers too! We must work so very hard, it's just so much to do!"
Jacob Moore (4 years ago)
so awesome 20% cooler the r.d.'s
Soultrip89 (4 years ago)
I never thought I'd hear bluegrass/metal/electronic fusion. Thank you internet.
Slight Cherry (4 years ago)
I wouldn't have noticed if you didn't say something!
Sub Woofer (4 years ago)
Omar Luis Villagómez (3 months ago)
What comes out?
Alex Barrow (4 years ago)
It was out along time ago but they took it down
Katalon (4 years ago)
Yeah Listened the whole Song :D
Diamondpinkiepie (4 years ago)
Oooo scootalo i ive seen her shes hiding in sugarcube corner
Racke (4 years ago)
who else just started to bob there heads up and down?
Nroug02 (4 years ago)
you need to force yourself to make to get it outta your head
Nroug02 (4 years ago)
you dont want to know ._.
Bunny Queen (4 years ago)
Hey AJ, seen Applebloom anywhere?
Silver Spark (4 years ago)
:c... I clicked it...
tHaT1GuY608 (4 years ago)
5:20 I cried.......I love this soooo much!
komaeda (4 years ago)
what is the image of?
Pasteloween (4 years ago)
i clicked it. ha. >:3
Aeroniel OS (4 years ago)
5:09 That solo. That FUCKING solo. I need more. It's just fucking great.
Axle Gear (4 years ago)
Something absolutely terrifying.
komaeda (4 years ago)
what happens when u click it??/
brony awesomes (4 years ago)
Equestria Girls is awesomes and this song too
komaeda (4 years ago)
wow! how did i get in top comments??/
komaeda (4 years ago)
ive clicked applejacks cutie mark like 12 times and nothings happens
peanutbuttercracker1 (4 years ago)
This is literally one of the most badass songs I've ever heard. Easily.
Brony Odin (4 years ago)
The theme is SO GooOOooOOod
Crystal Controller (4 years ago)
what happens when you do???
LemonPlays (4 years ago)
Thanks <3
dijcastle (4 years ago)
my reaction: 0.0 :D >.<!
Appuru jakku (4 years ago)
Challenge accepted.
Appuru jakku (4 years ago)
Pony hale servers? (Saxton Hale mod)
R5loverlol (4 years ago)
Which one, apple jack or diamond tiara?
Evy D (4 years ago)
applejack is still my favo pony.. :3
Jacob Moore (4 years ago)
and the most creepiest music ever.
R5loverlol (4 years ago)
2 Words Bro, Diamond Tiara.
R5loverlol (4 years ago)
LOL same.
Fern Allen (4 years ago)
At first i was like :"REALLY?! A FRIKIN BANJO!!"but when the heavy metal kicked in i was like:"Best.theme.tune.ever."
TheSenorAwesome (4 years ago)
equestria girls is soooooo good
Thaeldonius (4 years ago)
Dude, Go away. Nobody is going to upvote that, You're using a name from a Disney movie that's just as re-hash of the Cars movie. Just go, and stop attacking genres you dont belong in, for the love of god... It's fine if you like that movie, but stop trying to spread it to other people, man.
YoMomaNinja (4 years ago)
Why is pony music so good?
Dusty Crophopper (4 years ago)
This song kind of reminds me of the old days at the farm, when I was still a crop duster.
ChiefR96 (4 years ago)
Derp... (9_6)
Kristoffer Ek (4 years ago)
could you upload Applejacks Battle them again? I really like it and wanna listen to it till the game is available.
il_ lumi (4 years ago)
Advanced mudkip (4 years ago)
ChiefR96 (4 years ago)
Why? What Happens?
ChiefR96 (4 years ago)
Thank you...
ChiefR96 (4 years ago)
Advanced mudkip (4 years ago)
Fresh Stug wiggly (4 years ago)
i had my speakers full blast at the beginning, HUGE mistake
Jonas ZX (4 years ago)
Does nobody hear the part of applejack in winter wrap up?
Strawberrtandcarly (4 years ago)
MultiAquaGaming (4 years ago)
i didn't even noticed the annotion(or something) until you telled us.
Strawberrtandcarly (4 years ago)
reshani2001 (4 years ago)
Wait why not?
ddsfriend (4 years ago)
i can picture applejack bucking (kicking) alot of people in the face to this theme ^_^
The Lonely Delphox (4 years ago)
Woah. that was unexpected, but thanks for ending that argument chain.
The Lonely Delphox (4 years ago)
No, I am not mistaken, you sir, are mistaken. Pegasister is for females that enjoy the show.
SM853 (4 years ago)
VERY tired of your bullshit. Enjoy the block, asshat.
woodlefoof2 (4 years ago)
no your mistaken, the term pegasister is for transvestites who enjoy the show

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