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Do girls like virgin men?

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Click below to find out more about Kamalifestyles http://www.kamalifestyles.com Do girls like virgin men? Gents, keep watching as I hit the streets to find out the real answers from real women! Some answers are shockingly interesting! Leave a Comment letting us know what you think. If you enjoyed make sure you like, share and subscribe! Hope you enjoy! • To stay up to date on dating advice subscribe to the KamaTV channel • Dating advice and dating training at http://www.kamalifestyles.com • Find us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/kamalifestyles/ • Follow us on twitter https://twitter.com/kamalifestyles • Follow us on instagram https://www.instagram.com/kamalifestyles/
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Text Comments (2218)
ljupce trninkov (10 hours ago)
More sex partners the greater the value in the eyes of women #BLACKPILL
Mark (1 day ago)
whores! remove her rights!
John Howder (1 day ago)
Tips: Never tell a woman you're a virgin... EVER! If you don't tell them they won't know. Also, watch explicit videos to learn how to have sex, people say sex isn't like porn, but that's not completely true. If you don't want to look like a fool, not knowing where her nether regions are, just simply say that you can't see all too well (because the lights are going to be out) and ask her if she can help you guide it in. First time a slept with a woman she was convinced that I routinely slept with woman. Just get it in your mind that you've had sex before and they'll never know
Tekoa Rea-Hedrick (2 days ago)
It's completely inaccurate to assume that virgin men don't know what their doing. Confidence and preparedness are far more important than experience. There are virgin men who nail it their first time out and men with tons of experience who still have no idea how to please a women. It's also inaccurate to take this video to mean that girls only prefer guys with lots of experience. I have found a lot of girls are actually quite disgusted by guys who have been with a dozen or more girls. It shows a lack of commitment and morals on the part of the man. Lastly, it would be very interesting to see what men have to say about virgin girls. To me that is preferable because I want a girl who can be completely committed to me without past entanglements. Besides this, what is more intimate than to lose your virginity to each other the first time and share those experiences? All these "sexually liberated women" slutting themselves is really depressing.
Jahn Wick (2 days ago)
Nobody knows that at all about Virginity at first sight..dam
William Osullivan (2 days ago)
Guarantee most (if not all) the girls who said no are boring lays.
I think (4 days ago)
I like virgin men.actually i dont care he is virgin or not
Ink (4 days ago)
Do girls like virgin men? Idk, does that make someone more or less likeable? What a nonsense video, supporting the outdated idea that virgin men are less of a man. If a man is virgin by choice, I respect that man cause it's hard to not follow the mainstream ideology that wants sex just to get rid of the label 'virgin'. Can we maybe focus on more important things?
Kanenite Forever (5 days ago)
Girls who don't like virgins must want STDs
skyof algeria (5 days ago)
1:09 number plz
Bigcubefan (7 days ago)
I don't get this. If no girl likes virgin men, then how are those supposed to gain any experience? You have to start somewhere for fucks sake.
faiz akram (7 days ago)
no ones like virgin boys fuck i m gonna die virgin
Da Li (21 hours ago)
faiz akram do you like these kind of hoes ?
Mimi Me (7 days ago)
This is so disheartening
Spectra Blaze (7 days ago)
How do we get experience when you don't give us that experience because we don't have the experience.
Topics (8 days ago)
The west is going to fall exactly like the Roman Empire. The Roman republic were modest moral people, and then when the empire fell into decadence the empire started to disintegrate and collapse from the inside. They let in too many immigrants, was full of whores, homos and drunks. Then foreign nations plus the immigrants in the city ended the empire. This is exactly how the West is going to fall. We are in a state of moral collapse, and letting in too many immigrants, and given over to decadence. The west was like the Roman republic from the Protestant reformation till 2060, then the western world will fall into a dark age. Don’t believe me, read some history books.
Rampage (8 days ago)
I'm a virgin so these girls they want experienced guys so they want to be the 40th woman on some guy's sex list.
Aaron Cruz (8 days ago)
Gaming>Sex My teamates fucks me everyday. Lol Headache
Aaron Cruz (8 days ago)
Maybe if he interviewed asians The percentage of answers might be different. 😆
Zac Maadnouss (8 days ago)
If u are a virgin guy search for virgin girl
Your King (9 days ago)
Sorry me
kapil4417037 (9 days ago)
This prove that girl like bad guys who doesn't respect them so that they can figure out wrong things in guy entire of their life and make the earning of feminist more easier
Izhar khan (9 days ago)
I am 22 and virgin. 😢
amit kumar (11 days ago)
How would you know the man is Virgin or not
Darryl Wills (11 days ago)
Got it, be a hoe get the hoes!
John - (12 days ago)
Jesus, I think that's kind of a shitty thing to give a hard no on. I don't necessarily care if a gal is a virgin or not. Meanwhile these girls are out here hard-passing guys who don't have the stink of another woman's crotch on them.
Ayesha Mohsin (12 days ago)
Virginity doesn't matter
ABC (12 days ago)
White girls prefer.. Experience
Just gets a hooker
Ronald Sprowal (13 days ago)
This is not America...but how do American girls feel about virgin men ??
Maxg 1998 (13 days ago)
Really? You guys don't like virgins because they don't have experienced!?. You girls were once virgins. It's called practicing. You guys had to practice to once?. You gals make no sense
Puglous (13 days ago)
As depressed as this video makes me, I think commenters are unfair to teh wimmenz. At least they are being honest. If there is one thing I hate about women its how much they BS.
Butterscotch Lolly (14 days ago)
Yo I was a virgin until I fucked this bitch a few weeks ago. She said I might be inexperienced, then after sex she said it was the best sex of her life. You don't need no experience. If you want that juicy and soft sensation of the pussy, stick yo dick in and put your back into it. Get grinding. The only experience I've gotten before my first time was watching porn.💯
Puglous (14 days ago)
Feminists: Why are guys who sleep with women studs but women who sleep with men sluts? Me: Ask these ladies. Feminists; BUT IT'S THE PATRIARCHY'S FAULT!!!1111
Souvik Das (14 days ago)
Most Boys like virgin girls but shocking to know that it's just opposite with the girls!!
MasterShangChi (14 days ago)
...god damn it
Moussa Hinjro (14 days ago)
I'm 33 still virgin man,so bad feeling the girls don’t like me although i have super fitnnes body
The Multi Gamer (14 days ago)
"I want a man with experience" lol I don't know any guy that improves any from his first time unless a girl tells him how, especially since everyone likes something different, so it doesn't matter if he's a virgin or not you're still gonna need to help him learn to please you. Doesn't matter how many meat flaps hes been in he can't read your mind.
DogDamour (15 days ago)
So, after watching the videos "do girls like virgin men?" "What girls think about shy guys?" and others form this channel, one could come to the following conclusion: Most of this feminism movement going on nowadays that we can see everywhere even in the soup we eat seems to be bullshit or just a pose, like a trend. "Confidence, experience, leading" are among the most pronounced words by the girls inquired in these videos. It looks like, at the end of the day, women want a man that leads the situation. They don't want the negative side of malechouvinism: they don't want to be beaten, dominated or commanded in a rough and obvious way, locked at home as housewifes. They want to be free and do as they please, wich is perfectly fine. But when it comes to meeting their partner, they don't want to take charge of the hard part of it, they don't want the responsabilities, they want the rights but not the duties. At least, when it comes to dating and flirting and starting a relationship with a man, they prefer to sit confortably while he does the hard job, they don't want to get messy or dirty. So they want the benefits of feminism, but not the downsides. That is not feminism, that is not equalty.
Jahed Miah (16 days ago)
I lost my virginity to an older woman who couldn't get me off. So what do women know about experience??
Алтаф хан (16 days ago)
1:21 hmm cool got damn nice accent.
Mohammad Afaneh (16 days ago)
we want experienced men we also don't want fuckboys DAFUQ
wally west (16 days ago)
22 year old virgin coming through here
legionary illuminati (16 days ago)
The hypocrisy is unbelievable. Girls want an honest and faithful guy.........................but dont mind it if they had multiple different partners before............................but if a man has has multiple different partners before, he is not really gonna be faithful.............people are just going down the shitter.
Helen Christa (17 days ago)
How can all these women be automatically turned off by a man that is a virgin just because they think he would be bad in bed, baffles me
Jubair Masfiq (17 days ago)
virgin guys are problem???? why they're thinking they don't know what to do???
Kookie Squad 21 (17 days ago)
I think virgin guys are sexy..
Run DMC (17 days ago)
Men, U should love them if u just made a sex with them or not, anyway do not objectivate. U should love them whether they are whore or not. U should love them whether they are fat or skinny, tall or short. But short, fat, or virgin guy can not be loved. To much privilige for them.
White Knight 5 (18 days ago)
As a non virgin male, I wouldnt give a shit what these low life tramps think anyway. Being a virgin isn't a race to rid yourself of and it sure as hell isn't a badge of honor that you've slept with someone in your life. That said I love sex (with my wife only) I consider it a blessing to be able to share that kind of love with someone and I don't care what anyone thinks of that. In short if you are virgin, big deal, don't let videos like this create shame in yourself.
No Chill (19 days ago)
Most women do not like virgin men, whereas most men like virgin women. In saying that, it's better to swap virginities then to give it away. Then again what do I know?
Albert Liu (19 days ago)
Wtf...everyone starts a virgin...why so mean?
Sean mel Cuñado (20 days ago)
Dang! Whats the use of PORN VIDEOS if you cant accept a virgin man!
Gowtham Bymana (20 days ago)
Virginity of men? Only westerners think that men has virginity. In India we don't believe virginity in men.
Jonathan Breckenridge (20 days ago)
Lol this is literally saying they prefer a beat up pinto compared to a brand new maclaren.
Maria C (22 days ago)
“No” to you maybe but you can’t speak for other girls. I don’t care at all, like he may have certain values or he just has never been attracted to anyone enough to want to sleep with them!
Isaac (22 days ago)
The system is rigged.
AlbShadoW (22 days ago)
I get attention from women and i see they are interested, but maybe because im virgin that slows me little bit for taking action. Women needs to come to me and say come to my place otherwise i think i will remain virgin. I dont want to be in relationship or get married or anything like that and i wasn't waiting for marriage stuff or anything like that i just dont know how to do it etc. im 28 years old now. First time kissed a woman 19 years old.
melodies 99 (23 days ago)
They don't like virgin man but what if u where rich and virgin they will fuck u SMH gold diggers
Norbert Ruiz (24 days ago)
But people who have lost their virginity have a higher chance of STD
John Foy (25 days ago)
IMO the expected answer - for all their #metoo & feminismm, most if not all women are attracted to alpha males who can take the lead in bed & have more sexual experience at a given age than the beta counterparts - male virginity is viewed by women as a clear sign of your lower status in the pecking order - for all those beta virgins out there you have two main options - either embrace & accept it or get off your ass & try to improve yourself eg get (regularly) into the gym, improve your social skills & most importantly improve your bank balance
muhammad amin sarabi (25 days ago)
Women's brain is empty! They want experienced guy who fucks like jonny sinns! At the same time they want you to be loyal... real lover.. hansome. ... So you have to fuck many girls and then when you become experienced they expect you to fuck and love one girl for the rest of your life!
mushtaq bashir (25 days ago)
I like Virgin grlis aney one har
JXOR (25 days ago)
this is so stupid, when i was a virgin i satisfied the woman well, i don't think virginity has a thing to do with it. It's the size and grit, and a fit man can satisfy
bilal sheikh channel (25 days ago)
I m virgin till contact me girls 😅😛
NF (25 days ago)
You dont have to tell her youre a virgin retards. It's common sense lol why would you do that.
Hank Singelschucher (28 days ago)
Hoes hate virgin men
akira p2 (28 days ago)
Poor Steve Rogers
THE FACTS (28 days ago)
Angel of Rock (28 days ago)
*Snorkeler or Scuba Diver?? What does that mean?*
Bigkevin26 (29 days ago)
There is nothing more sad and pathetic than a Virgin guy. Hahahah
Dexter Bunny (29 days ago)
This is sad. Your basically choosing some one not on their personality but their sexual experience? I don't care if your a virgin or not. Your personality matters most. This is why people end up becoming suicidal because of women or men like this. Also every one was a virgin at one time! What makes it any different?!
Hades (30 days ago)
This would make virgins even ashamed and scary.
Hades (30 days ago)
Too many incels in the comment section.
winterrider71 (30 days ago)
Yeah, I have to give these girls props for telling the truth. 99.99% of women consider male virgins and guys who don't have a huge notch count DISGUSTING, GROSS and completely REPULSIVE. Having sex with a male virgin is just as disgusting as a man starting a committed relationship with a woman who is currently a hooker. Guys, you know the feeling of repulsion and disgust that comes into your mind when you think of this? Well women think the same thing in regards to male virgins. No hate. No judgement. It is what it is. They feel this way despite whether they tell you this or not. Many women lie about this fact, many. Only solution is to lie...
sky Realix (30 days ago)
After watching this I feel like we should have never allowed women to vote.
spartjovic (1 month ago)
LOL so what if they (the ones that don't like it) REALLY like a guy or fall in love with him, only to find out he's a virgin?
exxxistent (1 month ago)
All these hoes really?
jtox20020 (1 month ago)
Im 29. No kiss, pretty much next to nothing. Very little communication growing up with the opposite sex, awkward and stressed in their presence as much as I try not to. im very skinny, a complex I have for sure that weight's me down for my self. I give up personally cause in reality I figure if I have to work out and get big to attract in which it would conceptionally be the same as me rolling up in a Lamborghini after winning the lottery, GOLD DIGGA'S!! Attraction on site, is that what you want? gotta do something before you say to your self it's to late I suppose, pressures of society is just as much your fault and mine as it is theirs for accepting these terms. I wish I told my self that awhile ago.
Napoleon Dynamite (17 days ago)
take your time.
Md. Shaneowaz (1 month ago)
Only a slut girl will choose another slut guy...
Kiran k.r (1 month ago)
This is so much similar to a job interview! Everyone want an experienced person, but no one want to give experience to a person!
yahkneenah (1 month ago)
So gross. Whats wrong with both being virgins and experiencing sex for the first time together. Get married with a virgin, no stds
gideon logan (1 month ago)
Dude, inexperienced almost always means bad in bed. And dating almost always means sex eventually. Why are you asking them as if they're seperate things. You're an idiot
Assil Nezami (1 month ago)
Virgin graduated and working guys dont look after non virgin women. They go find a wife in another country, meaning that a part of women stay single at the age of 30 with no future family life. I know what I say because I saw it for years...
Tom (1 month ago)
now people wonder why men become misogynists and want to bring back witch trials
Melanie Yadgar (1 month ago)
Well, where are they supposed to start if no one wants to be with someone who hasn't started?
Akash Jaiswal (1 month ago)
and Men are totally opposite.
GoldBones (1 month ago)
Sexbots coming soon on a mass industrial scale https://www.dsdollrobotics.com/videos/ start saving
easyway (1 month ago)
wow the answers
michael vivek (1 month ago)
I'm virgin
Gallowglass (1 month ago)
Huh, guess women aren't very "sex positive" about virgin men.
watson adrien (1 month ago)
Girl prefer men who are not virgin But guys like virgin girl
valar (1 month ago)
I think the answers would change if it was "If he's hot". But the odds of finding one of those are low, so...
Richard Schiffman (1 month ago)
I don't know why guys on this thread are surprised by these girls' answers? If a girl is at least moderately attractive, more likely than not she isn't a virgin. And the hotter they are, the bigger of a whore they are. Let's face it. Girls really don't offer anything more than sex and they know it.
Wings of Redemption (1 month ago)
“I don’t like virgin men” Bitch we gotta start somewhere
Nothing4U (1 month ago)
They don't want a guy who hasn't been around. The fact that he's a virgin in the first place is due to the fact that women have refused to fuck him. So if he's a virgin he's unattractive for something that women are responsible for creating in the first place. So it's a problem that reinforces itself. In contrast to a women's preference, men prefer a virgin. We want something pure and untouched. We don't want passed around trash. Women do. Which leads to my belief that the origins of disease began with women. They desire (as a rule) a guy who's been around plenty. As stated in the above video. That tells me alot about women.
Holly Green (1 month ago)
When they say they want a man who knows what he's doing. Yet the men they probably sleep with have no damn clue. It only takes once to lose your virginity, it doesn't make you bad forever. There like eww a virgin, but how many times have you had sex with a guy who is experienced and it was bad?? A virgin could be amazing the first time. Quanity doesnt equal quality.
Satellite (1 month ago)
So these women pick men based on how many women they've boned and then wonder why they "can't commit to a relationship".
johnattan goodboy (1 month ago)
And this is why men who get alot of girls are regarded as studs and women who sleep with a lot of guys are seen as sluts...
Layne AIC (1 month ago)
The World is getting dirtier and more dirtier
Oscar Andrei (1 month ago)
A key that opens all doors is the masterkey, a door that is opened by all keys is useless
burak ayan (1 month ago)
24 years old and still virgin. hahaha

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