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Enya- ( Flora's secret)

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I love Enya's music and when I saw that one of my favorite songs of hers Flora's secret did not have a video I decided to make one myself using pictures of lovely paintings and pieces of the video of Romeo and Juliet by Nino Rota. Please comment!
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Chiara Poppa (5 years ago)
Bellissima canzone ...adoro Enya ...e complimenti anche per il video
creamofcardstv (6 years ago)
lovely music :)
Bruce Joyner (6 years ago)
silentmoviequeen (6 years ago)
No dont worry about it, im flattered really because the girl in the video is very beautiful.
Bruce Joyner (6 years ago)
Sorry!...I thought your face was was similar to hers...I really meant it as a compliment..sometimes my communication skills are lacking in tact...Pardon my mistake.....
silentmoviequeen (6 years ago)
Um no... this isnt me. the girl is from a video called love them from romeo and juliet.
Bruce Joyner (6 years ago)
If this is you in this video...You are so very beautiful....Love to you...
Bruce Joyner (6 years ago)
I love Enya!...Thank you for your sweet video....I love it!.....I am a straight male and not afraid to show my many different tastes in music..:)....This is romantic....something that i still find very appealing..

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