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Ugly hack at dating site for 'beautiful' people

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Security researchers find personal data leaked for more than 1 million users of the "elite" dating site BeautifulPeople.com. Spotify users may also be dealing with a hacking headache. Meanwhile, Twitter takes another step toward fighting online abuse.
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Text Comments (30)
ktman Lsf lsf (2 years ago)
Bridget you're so amazingly beautiful, I'm worried about you getting hacked
Adnan Amin (2 years ago)
"Blue eyed women are witches. It is known. Cut off her head.. "
Game Bench (2 years ago)
Game of thrones reference..
Random Me (2 years ago)
I wanna hack you Bridget Carey!
DylValentine (2 years ago)
Twitter has also been criticised for silencing people who are merely expressing valid criticisms of other people's ideas, under the guise of 'preventing harassment', why doesn't Cnet mention anything about that?
geekphreak (2 years ago)
Like you Bridget ;)~
Prence (2 years ago)
I don't have to worry about being hacked. I have no money and I've been told that I should be under a bridge waiting to scare children. lol
Dwayne Martin (2 years ago)
Who knocked up Bridget?
PaypalMyUncle (2 years ago)
Too much of Cnet update made me dreamt of bridget carey last night lol..
DoitalJosh (2 years ago)
Horizontal scanning issues with their camera.
zunedog31 (2 years ago)
Oh no did Bridget get hacked?
DefaltAdmin (2 years ago)
this is the best tech news show. short and to the point with beautiful host with cute humor. Not overdoing anything. just brilliant.
victor case (2 years ago)
I just made a profile to see what happens
Anonymous Geek (2 years ago)
looks like Bridget would work even on her delivery date
CrucialConflict (2 years ago)
+Anonymous Geek She will stream it live in HD...
TERRY. W (2 years ago)
Bridget is definitely one of the beautiful people...
aLeX GeNeSiS (2 years ago)
Floyd Watt (2 years ago)
I am going to miss this women when she takes maternity leave.
Dragos Mihai (2 years ago)
The beautiful people Marilyn Manson
ruzzell907 (2 years ago)
Yeah Bridget got hacked
Pierre de la Cruz (2 years ago)
8 months ago
7teenageSmokers (2 years ago)
Juubi Cortex (2 years ago)
Ironic topic cause bridget is the most beautiful person working for c net lol
Osama Bin Laden (2 years ago)
Is she pregnant?
Osama Bin Laden (2 years ago)
+iLatrell _ I already know
Andy Cohn (2 years ago)
How come it's happening earlier and earlier
GabrielKnightz (2 years ago)
Trust No One.
Bubblas (2 years ago)
Cool new background! Finally waiting for a new background, the old one was severely over used! I say you should change the colour of the background to the mood of the video, it would add some spice into these video!
hubsvids (2 years ago)
gawd my email as been leacked how do i delete my account
Vijay Kumar (2 years ago)

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