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PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) - Pyongyang Style - Remix and parody

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A North Korean remix of a #1 K-Pop song (as of July 2012). Original song is Gangnam Style by Psy The video is taken from Reddit and was shot by a group of international film makers during North Korean military parade. Other videos were randomly found on youtube too. A part of this is also from Team America. Yes, I was very bored that day. PS to people who find this offensive or think it's in any way degrading of North Korea..well it's not. You're just wrong. NK invited an international film crew to film them march like little ducks in the square and they posted the video online. So I took advantage of the opportunity and made it better. Also, I myself don't consider this video brilliant or even that good. It was a two hour project on a boring night. I do consider my other project brilliant however. See it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxkAXyuqcec
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Text Comments (5760)
Fuck kim jong un
울겨 (5 days ago)
Raiden Kombat (22 days ago)
They don't have mustache
안종된 크롱 (1 month ago)
Dakota Audotiva (1 month ago)
안종된 크롱 top
FuCkau PizzAovvAah (1 month ago)
FuCkau PizzAovvAah (1 month ago)
svedden loves north diarriah socialistic modern state LOVE OLOF PALME
in Pyongyang is not bored
이박짝반짝박짝 (2 months ago)
Cartilho TV TUBE (2 months ago)
Bombando como sempre!!
TK IB (2 months ago)
Oppa Pyongyang Style‼︎
Erdem Dincer (4 months ago)
3:01 "Korea not unarmed, baby baby not anymore junk atom bomb"
da la (4 months ago)
RifiÑo (4 months ago)
, i like this part 1;50-2;05 😂😂
fps _iron (5 months ago)
Oh boy, Korean girls 🤔😇😇😇😇😍😍😍😍
mailtorajrao (5 months ago)
shes cute though... People... a feature and a cover if she is still around? of course getting her out is up to you :)
Area BLACK (5 months ago)
North Korea : Wtf South Korea : LoL
Simon Rhee (6 months ago)
It would be better if the words were gangbok style
thatloose bloke (6 months ago)
Someone should make one of these with Katy Perry's Firework song Kimmy would appreciate it.
M L Miah (6 months ago)
0:44 I'm in love 😍😍
프레디 펜 (7 months ago)
This is North Korea
Alexandre Dias (7 months ago)
muster müller (7 months ago)
실키테리어다롱이 (7 months ago)
골때리네 ㅋㅋㅋ
DAKA DER LETZTE (7 months ago)
Pjöngjang jang Style
HL (7 months ago)
So wtf split them..
久保マツダファン (7 months ago)
Bob Diaz (7 months ago)
LOL,, best music video ever!!!!!
DrRakdos (7 months ago)
Gangnam style but it's the better, real Korea.
NicYoong Productions (8 months ago)
Who dares put false Korean degeneracy on True Koreans parading!
Zen _ (8 months ago)
0:56 give me some food please.
Minion Skywalker (8 months ago)
умопомрачительно, что в видео не танцует Ким Чен Ын. Он и это южнокорейский репер этак снаружи похоже )))
Mr_Hacks (9 months ago)
3:11 Korea got an atom bomb and why are people saying 0:44 those girls are hot
Döni Darko (9 months ago)
north korea is best korea.
jumping jedi (10 months ago)
Dab on those haters with pink dusters
테네신 (10 months ago)
Camila Rodríguez (11 months ago)
Long live North Korea.
Mr.Baofeng (1 year ago)
1:06 me on the first day of school
Bruny (1 year ago)
David Prosser (1 year ago)
My third grade class in South Korea thought this was hysterically funny.
메갈충박멸 (1 year ago)
강남스타일갖고 그러지맠 웃겼다 ㅋㅋ
Joseph Lee (1 year ago)
Were are the under weight ppl?
Crazy Person (1 year ago)
0:07 Evi version of Donnie yen
MXILE (1 year ago)
sunny71169 (1 year ago)
Obviously that dude at 1:21 is an android.  They got the movement down pretty good, but have more work to do on the skin tone. Data looked more realistic!
CO CPT DanHan (1 year ago)
이연이 (1 year ago)
잘만듬ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ개꿀잼 한국인손so very fun .I am Korean.
ZNEOPEC (1 year ago)
Where's Ambassador Rod-man when we need him most?
ZNEOPEC (1 year ago)
Diche Bach (1 year ago)
When history gives you rotten tyrannical dictatorships, make them into fresh dictatorship techno remix parodies!
애미니 (1 year ago)
korea stronk!
은영영은 (1 year ago)
오빤 평양스타일
AsipiringBalls (1 year ago)
I don't know why I am laughing at this
퍼플라인 (1 year ago)
so weird
-뻘글러 (1 year ago)
파대 (1 year ago)
으알 (1 year ago)
오빤 평양 스톼일
Nana Nina (1 year ago)
1:53,LOL at the statue XD
Ikram Helmi (1 year ago)
cotton sweet ini bukan apa
호날두 (1 year ago)
Are you kidding me ? assume!
Xlm5Fish (1 year ago)
Propaganda Song lol
이얼룩 (1 year ago)
It's North korea!!!!not a South Korea....
ASSEMblergames.com (1 year ago)
Half of the officers shown in the video were purged a few years ago. FYI
Horny Pervert (6 months ago)
ASSEMblergames.com they were corrupt. Dont worry.
Lusty Argonian Maid (8 months ago)
ElectroWolf (8 months ago)
ASSEMblergames.com how?
Mr_Hacks (9 months ago)
ASSEMblergames.com wut
Uninspired hack (1 year ago)
2:29 LOL
Uninspired hack (1 year ago)
tanks back and forth 😂
하진이s (1 year ago)
이건 올린늠머야? 찾아가서 해드샷 해벌ㄹ까보다. ㅈ 이다
zzickman SONG (1 year ago)
누가 만든거여? 잘 만들었네
MOONIC (1 year ago)
Are you single?
Katarzyna Kosterno (1 year ago)
how many people thinks this is in North Korea or in South Korea
김영은 (1 year ago)
John Reece (1 year ago)
The marching is very impressive. I wonder what happens if someone trips...
Chiyoko (16 days ago)
Labour camp or worse.
John Reece (1 year ago)
The 5000 thumbs-down must be from the 500 people in North Korea how have Internet access.
jimmy twotimes (1 year ago)
0:56 i hate my job
gfsdgfabfsdafjsavbdfs (1 year ago)
Cutie @ 0:44 <3
Shinryu Elffire (1 year ago)
I'm not a fan of North Korea, but I don't like propaganda either. That's what you attempted here. No less, no more.
야Dong (1 year ago)
여자 진짜 예삐다
MidnightRamenAttack (1 year ago)
그러게요~ 웃음이 ㅋㅋ 특히 북한엔 웃을 일이 별로 없어서...
ASMR:; Big (1 year ago)
ASMR:; Big (1 year ago)
Charlie Bob Minecraft 근데 왜 갑자기 왠 롤러코스터에요????
ASMR:; Big (1 year ago)
Charlie Bob Minecraft 한국말도 하실줄 아시네요....
ASMR:; Big no that's the Japanese
ASMR:; Big (1 year ago)
Charlie Bob Minecraft korea
bibisao ss (1 year ago)
kkkkkk muito bem ja pode vir para o brasil br hue
D_MASTER CRAFTER (1 year ago)
the sad thing is the odds of someone in North Korea reading this comment, is less than if they let a 12 year old kid enter the lottery, he wins 100 days in a row, finding a unicorn that turns into a pegasus on his way home, goes into Outer, not inner, outer space (beyond the asteroid belt) comes back to Earth in 10 seconds, wins the world's hardest game with no effort, and dies in the year 20758574837747921579
Xian (1 year ago)
nk intelligence does have full internet access, they'd have to... so you never know
D_MASTER CRAFTER (1 year ago)
nk internet is pro propaganda. nothing else.
gfsdgfabfsdafjsavbdfs (1 year ago)
99,5623576% Sure some NK secret agent is reading this, and 48,3862361256% sure they're sending someone to kill you ;-D
Des-u (1 year ago)
This was 2009 or 2010 because Kim jong il is still alive
sebastiao silvestre (1 year ago)
Um dia o capitalismo livrará a Coreia do norte do maldito socialismo.
Michael Kunkic (1 year ago)
Just played battlefield 4 and now this again
Rehan Khan (2 years ago)
cute girls i like Korean girls
wahid ullah I hate North Korean girls I like some Korean girls in South Korea
romanbuinyi (2 years ago)
North Korea may be awful country, but their officers wear awesome caps :)
Husky Hockey (10 months ago)
owen (1 year ago)
polish rogatywka beats all
Kardanwelle1994 (1 year ago)
But this marching's (goose step) origin is in capitalist Germany, Prussia. And the German Bundeswehr doesn't march like this anymore :( ...
Oscar Grusky (1 year ago)
Nyet. Russian NKVD hats are the best. They are like the North Korean one, but are blue. BLUE.....BLUE!
Alrizky as (2 years ago)
Hahah lol editing
허준영 (2 years ago)
싱크 미쳤네 진짜ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Joanna CoralWolf (2 years ago)
TV조광 (2 years ago)
oh noㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
hebneh (2 years ago)
Those North Koreans certainly are a rockin' bunch, aren't they?
여성정은희 (2 years ago)
ahhhhhh!!!! I'm Korean this video is fun
D_MASTER CRAFTER (1 year ago)
just asking, North Korean, or south Korean?
Apricot Theory (2 years ago)
2:06 The hottest girl in all of Korea. She is wearing NO MAKEUP. My god. She is so beautiful, if you make love to her you will never be sick and you will never die.
Rezanul Hossain (6 months ago)
Oh..... God,you are love sick
이한규 (2 years ago)
아 김정일 시 러
dfg sdrfg (2 years ago)
this video is straight
이현준 (2 years ago)
북한이랑통일돼면일단북한애들 남한으로내려와서 다살듯 인구공동화현상생기면 북한땅 쓸모없어지면 남한만 망하는거지
HUICHEOL 0612 (1 year ago)
북한땅이 쓸모가 없어질일이 없는데ㅋ 영토확장하는데
藤原莞爾 (2 years ago)
Colonel_Yurop (2 years ago)
4971 fake accounts of Kim Jong-un dislike this video.
Songs Mirth (7 months ago)
Wow. Hello North Korean whose allowed out as long as you say bad things about people making fun of your murdering leaders. You do know that North Korea started the Korean War right? Or are you Russian? I always look. What do you do. Cut this account and make up another one and then go and say the same things? When was the last time you had meat? Your leader eats it every day. You know that, right? I feel so sorry for the lied to people of China and North Korea and Russia. :( Songsmirth
muster müller (7 months ago)
good remix
Blyat Man (1 year ago)
I like North Korea and I like this video :o
Yurop I think North Korea is bad
Oscar Grusky (1 year ago)
Flawless Binary (2 years ago)
The DPRK's culture is actualy pretty nice. Except for the leader's cult.
D_MASTER CRAFTER (1 year ago)
I wish some country took over the government of nk. and made the country have more rights than the amount of eyes on a needle
Flawless Binary (2 years ago)
+Nick A Architecture by example, pretty different to me.
Nick A (2 years ago)
Are their traditions other then southeners'? They are one nation with the same traditions, language and culture.
Eagle Eyes (2 years ago)

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