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Pattaya : 10 Tips you need to know - part 2/2

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10 useful Tips you need to know when you come to Pattaya, Tip 6 to 10. And some general tips about visiting the nightlife in Thailand. This is useful also to Phuket or Bangkok where you visit the nightlife, disco's and beer bars. These are not general travel tips. But more specific to those area's. You can see here part 1 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xd96KHC6i7Y Feel free to comment below if you have more tips or suggestions. Please be polite. See also part 1 of these useful tips. You can subscribe to my channel to see more from Pattaya and Thailand in the future. Please feel free to add your thoughts in the comment section. Thanks. Tipps rund um Thailand. 关于泰国技巧 vinkkejä Thaimaa conseils sur la Thaïlande. Советы о Таиланде 10 вещей, которые вы должны знать о Паттайе. 10 ting, du behøver at vide om pattaya 10 चीजें आप पटाया के बारे में पता करने की जरूरत है. 10 belangrijke tips over Pattaya
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Text Comments (64)
minto dgmlithe (9 days ago)
Shyam Panhale (1 month ago)
I think tourists police is only option .. no local police .. specially in matters of command scams in pattaya
jeffincabo (2 months ago)
"Why do you have such a deep voice" ??????? LOL
Steff's Thailand Travel (2 months ago)
Deep? 😜
jackalonzo8899 (4 months ago)
thank you very much
Rezaul Karim (6 months ago)
very nice video.. thanks sir..
Steff's Thailand Travel (6 months ago)
thank you
Seb Ian (7 months ago)
Good advice there Steff.
Steff's Thailand Travel (7 months ago)
thanks Seb 👍
brajbhan yadav (8 months ago)
In hindi plz
Harrell Guy Graham (8 months ago)
Nestle is PURIFIED water, but 'Mineral water' is usually not purified---the mineral water company uses whatever comes up out of their faucet or pipe. Read the labels. Nestle is purified with either carbon filtration, Reverse Osmosis (RO) or distillation or a combination. If you see 'UV light purify' on the label then know that UV light only kills some bacteria. UV light does not take out all the other things the way carbon, distillation or RO gets. Nestle is far superior to any mineral water.
Steff's Thailand Travel (8 months ago)
That's about correct. That's why I always drink nestle.
anthony newman (1 year ago)
you forgot the jet ski scam
Blackhawks Hockey Fan (1 year ago)
Nothing wrong with taking a free-lancer off beach road! Stop trying to scare people about Pattaya! Safer than any BIG city in the UK, Europe, or the US
jeffincabo (2 months ago)
Especially Chicago huh , Blackhawks Hockey Fan ?
I didn't compare the general safety of other European cities with Pattaya. I agree on that. But i'm talking about free lance girls. Did you ever took a girl home from the beach of Blackpool, Ostende or Nice?
Joe Webster (1 year ago)
Now that's more like it
Joe Webster (1 year ago)
1000 baht for a ice cream and rice? Forgive me but that's over 25 USD that's some expensive ice cream and rice!!!!!!
1000 baht for the whole school! 150 kids. Not 1 kid. :)
Cs B (1 year ago)
When You step off the airplane in The Kingdom of Thailand, no matter where Your journey started, don't leave anything in the jet: Your documents, Your valuables, and the most precious belonging You have: Your BRAIN. Double check, Triple check. Nice and actually very useful tips. They should be stamped on the opposite side of the VISA, unless the second thing You loose is Your passport, the first being Your Brain. Good.
Very nice tips for people going to Pattaya. One more thing, I want to add, for getting biscuits or currency recharge or anything go to 7/11 shop, or family mart, most of the people going to Pattaya for getting relax for their holidays. Really, by seeing the smiling people in Pattaya we forget our worries.
7/11 is a good shop indeed. not sure what you mean with currency recharge. But you can top up your Sim card, pay your water and electric and several things. Also if you don't want to walk around with 1000 baht bills, You can make them smaller there. Just buy a bubblegum of 5 baht. So you get smaller change. I think they even do it for free.
EqualsTravel (2 years ago)
Nice videos Steff. I hope I will visit Thailand in December. Keep up with good work..
King Gangar (2 years ago)
Fantastic Vlog Steff's like the Star Trek Next Generation Theme you used for your Tips Excellent
I'm a star trek fan myself. I was never into star wars to be honest. Glad i have chosen this lay out :)
iooi (2 years ago)
Haha, Being a Star Trek fan I also like this layout.
yes, Looks the same :) cool
King Gangar (2 years ago)
check out the layout of consoul of star trek nxt generation google it
Thanks. It was more a 70's style presentation. Don't know about star strek ?
Stephen Watson (2 years ago)
Excellent , you covered just about everything . If you feel the need to give to the child beggars buy them food at least you know they are getting the benefit . Never tell a girl it's your last night , they may well know it is , information passed on by hotel staff one method . If it is your last night work into the conversation you have to go to Bangkok for a day . Always check and photograph any vehicle you hire .
Frankie G (2 years ago)
Cool Star Trek panelling! :-D
Pique Dard (2 years ago)
people who have never visited thailand/pattaya  might take offence or laugh at those tips, but they should know better! learn thai, it's feasible, believe me! you'll discover the country of 1000 smiles, while beautiful and worthwhile visiting, has a lot of flaws and many of those smiles hide unpleasant surprises. i don't mean one must become paranoid, though!
+Pique Dard Thanks for your comment. Indeed, no reason to become paranoid. It's still a nice and save place if you don't go Bazooka. You will find no other such place in world.
H Max (2 years ago)
Excellent tips. Thank you. Can you tell me about adapters for electricity? the voltage there is 240? Everywhere?
+Huevonious Maximus 220-230 I think. Yes everywhere by my knowledge. The European round pins fit in the plugs also. The american male pins fit in it also but they need to use a transformer from 220 to 120 V, i guess.
JackoBanon1 (2 years ago)
11: Always use a condom!
JackoBanon1 (1 year ago)
Don't complain if you get infected by HIV or other pleasant surprises then.
Mohammed AL (1 year ago)
I cant enjoy with condom and always break i don't know why?
JackoBanon1 (2 years ago)
+Kevin Stark Haha, I spent the last two weeks in Pattaya. Just returned on Saturday.
JackoBanon1 (2 years ago)
+Kevin Stark Seriously, it's really dangerous.
Another small addition about gambling in Thailand, what i said earlier: This week the Pattaya police raided a room full of elderly Western people who where playing bridge. They were not even play for money but for points. Just an innocent bridge club. All were taken to the police office and had to pay 5000 baht bail. So be careful :)
Roy Porter (5 months ago)
They were fined because they hadn't paid duty on their playing cards !
CHARLES CP (2 years ago)
thanks you soo much for your views... i m going Thailand first time in last week of march so it will really help me.
Mikey (2 years ago)
Good tips! Where are you from? Your spellings are a bit off, though.
Mikey (2 years ago)
+First time travel Thailand: I see. No worries, mate! Shit happens.
+Mikey I'm from Belgium, the home of Hercule Poirot. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hercule_Poirot. I saw a documentary today about Poirot today... That's why the information :) Sorry about some spelling. I noticed that also afterwards. But it is difficult to change it later on. The sheets were made with power point. After editing, i placed a music tune over it.
american in Singapore (2 years ago)
Those are great tips that every European and American should read...because I am 100% sure that every day an American or European "loses" their money in some kind of scam run by the local Thai girls...your advice to use bar girls only and not "free lance" girls is good...my friend who is an American lost $200 in one night by a free lancer that took the money and "ran " away...and then only 5 nights later, lost another $200 due to a bait and switch scam...
american in Singapore (2 years ago)
wow..nice...Two girls at once in one night makes for nice memories that lasts for years....LOL
haha. ok.  Hooked up with an ugly girl is not so nice but there are worse scams :)   Many years ago i met a girl in BKK in a disco.  she was very handsome with a good job. She didn't need the money, But she introduced me to her less attractive friend. But she was still ok. I made a nice deal with both of them and it ended in an all night long trio :)   I payed only the girl that needed the money. Everybody was happy :) 
american in Singapore (2 years ago)
Where it was a good looking girl standing on the street.My friend  gave her the room number to his hotel because she say she will stop by later(she have another appointment)..But she send her friend to the hotel room.and her fiend is ugly..My friend told her "no, go away"..
+american in Singapore  yes. I also think if you use your common sense and have a good talk with the girl before going with her, it will prevent you from later problems. What was that bait and switch scam ?
Yee Leung (2 years ago)
The written English is worse than mine lol.
mike fox (2 years ago)
and don't point out anything using your foot.
streeteats (2 years ago)
Try not to pay for anything first in Thailand. And especially that. I've heard about to many stories gone bad. If someone insist you pay first, move on and find someone else to do business cause its usually a scam.
streeteats (2 years ago)
Thanks for sharing and caring about people.
Yolanda Spotted Horse (2 years ago)
+First time travel Thailand sharing means to show or give. You made the video but you shared your video with the people. Great tips!
+streeteats  Thank you !  I appreciate this very much.  However the video is not shared. I made it myself. Damn much work :)
Another addition : In Thailand prostitution is forbidden by the law. So that's why you give the girl 'money for taking a taxi when she leaves " remember that when the police asks you our when you get into trouble. Also very important: Pay the girl on what you agreed. if you don't pay her, She can claim that you raped her. The police will see it that way also. You can put in jail if they play it hard.
Dive in Thailand HD (2 years ago)
could you give me that song ? i already found out its a Soak - be a nobody but its some remix and cant find it on my own help me bro i like that song
+Tomasz Nowacki Sorry, don't remember where i took it. In the free youtube list somewhere.
10 useful Tips you need to know when you come to Pattaya, Tip 6 to 10. And some general tips about visiting the nightlife in Thailand.
HjerneStimulanz (3 years ago)
i got really sick last time from drinking some whiskey
+hjerneStimulanz  I don't know what whisky you drunk, but you can get sick from any brand of whiskey when you drink too much :)    I know this as a fact.... sadly :)

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