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Oracle to PostgreSQL Migration with ora2pg

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In this video from PG Day 2011, CEO of Consistent State, Kevin Kempter, talks to us about migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL with the new ora2pg. Kevin will start by giving us an overview of ora2pg, he will tell us where to download it and talk about the prerequisites, he will go through the install, and we will spend some time with the config file, finally he will show us some examples of ora2pg being used.
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bachnguyettien (4 months ago)
where do we need to install ora2pg? on oracle db server or postgres db server? I have oracle db on server a, postgres db on server. I don't need to install any oracle client libraries on server a, right? If so then what is ORACLE_DSN? which oracle user should I use? the schema user/password or sysdba? So confused!
Zubeyd Nur (1 month ago)
1. If you install it on a postgres db server you gonna need to install oracle client libraries, but if you are not interested to do so you can install it on the oracle db server. 2. if you want to access all the schemas you should use the sysdba.
slenarjoe1 (10 months ago)
Tho a lot saved my day
Moritanie 06 (2 years ago)
Mridula Prabhu (5 years ago)
Thank you very much for this video!
wiweq (6 years ago)
Good to see you Kevin. Vivek here, we met in Bloomington, IL !!
THINKER43 (7 years ago)
If this was done by a fit blond in a swim suit that had expression then it may have more of a (Cult) following

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