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Give me your wings

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Starlight really wants a wings http://forgalorga.tumblr.com Special thanks: Drud14 http://drud14.deviantart.com Deftwise-Zero http://deftwise-zero.deviantart.com Serenawyr http://serenawyr.deviantart.com
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Text Comments (3873)
Pretty Pretty Monstars (2 hours ago)
LittleLiu49AJ (7 hours ago)
Starlight: I need a spell that gives me wings "Finds spell that gives wings Starlight: yes I need this Spell: to get wings u need the feathers from 11 Pegasus and 3 alicorns for temporary wings Starlight: perfect " collects feathers" Does spell Starlight: yes! Wings! 2 seconds later: falls off Starlight: WTF I went through all that trouble for wings that don't work Starlight: oh well RESORTS TO PLAN B plan b: do wat spike did
LPS Valley (7 hours ago)
Starshy of Flutterlight
Donbun (10 hours ago)
5:10 She just YEETed herself to space.
maira cunha patricio (11 hours ago)
Hahahaha ha hahaha haaaaaaahahahahaaaaaaa
Goat Gacha (13 hours ago)
Liz Naylor (14 hours ago)
Twilight Used 36 Books To Make A Tower
Bubble Bash (15 hours ago)
LittleLiu49AJ (20 hours ago)
She just slapped Luna on the face. Wow
KarmanerMage (21 hours ago)
Gimme yo wengs lol
Werewolf Girl12345 (1 day ago)
Is it me or is it just that Fluttershy is moaning by Starlight plucking her feather from her wings .-.
アイミaimi (1 day ago)
1:49 like to SCP-173 ... XD
Scrap Mangle (1 day ago)
I will never let HER get my wings!
Roland K. (1 day ago)
0:57 7-2-4-6-2-6-9 = R-A-I-N-B-O-W
Amber Smith (1 day ago)
I like the ending so much
Minute Owl (1 day ago)
yo wtf is wrong with fluttershy and starlight I WANT ME ANSWERS!
Cường (1 day ago)
4:55 When u try ur best but u don’t success
Cường (1 day ago)
0:17 Is that vodka?? @[email protected]
GenocideTeam Chara (1 day ago)
lol 4:54
Henry Attfield (2 days ago)
Evie Lindsay (2 days ago)
Can you make something where Sunset Shimmer has wings
Minute Owl (1 day ago)
The Give Me Your Wings Poem. what the hay its time to pay for all the day feathers been pluckin days been unluckin lolipops been sucking starlight gettin them feathers a-pluckin and flutter shy gonna blush on the clocks goin ding dong birds singin sing song feathers been pluckin days been unluckin lolipops been sucking starlight gettin them feathers a-pluckin alicorns here to there fluffle puff is growing more hair twilight has traveled off somewhere feathers been pluckin days been unluckin lolipops been sucking starlight gettin them feathers a-pluckin starlight got her wings goin up twilight come over wussup? gimme dem wings you sucker plucker pluck em on got my wings? oh damn they came off feathers been pluckin days been unluckin lolipops been sucking starlight gettin them feathers a-pluckin or dragon wings......????? GIVE ME YOUR WINGS!
Minute Owl (1 day ago)
Minute Owl (2 days ago)
Depresso expresso (2 days ago)
Cats Cats Cats Cats Cats 😻 ❤️
Bubbahemi xD (3 days ago)
This animation is odd
maria jose macias (3 days ago)
Galaxy Blue (4 days ago)
So, starlight is a *dragocorn* ???
Ballora Its me (4 days ago)
5:05 how to get out of awkward situations
Nirad TCat (4 days ago)
I died laughing at this so fucking hard
Jasmine Edits (4 days ago)
😂 хаха
LPS PURPLE DIAMOD (4 days ago)
Ne kadar saçma bir şey 👎💩amina koyum bu videoyu yapanın
Nguyen Thi Minh Thuy (4 days ago)
MLP Twilight Sparkle (4 days ago)
4:13 Pink and yellow Princess😱😱
azul herrera (5 days ago)
2:03 uuuh 7u7 okey no u:
Soleil Haydon (5 days ago)
O K (5 days ago)
о_о ну-ка ок
42188 Productions (5 days ago)
I don’t understand I would rather teleport at will then to have wings? I guess maybe she wants to live forever?
Camile Leite (5 days ago)
Lucy Mc (6 days ago)
starlight:le slap luna luna: NANI!!?!?!?!
Elizabeth Miller (6 days ago)
Alyeska Marucut (6 days ago)
Cole Strawn (6 days ago)
Confirmed starlight is scp 173 as a pony.
What the SCP 173 the Sculpture in here World Pony
Jasnin Gica (6 days ago)
Not Cool
Mr. Reporting Guy (6 days ago)
FortniteLegend900 (6 days ago)
mo talking?
Старлайт, ты такая мощная!
Jesse Caison (7 days ago)
"Dragonitis is spreading across equestria!" Said Twilight in a horified state.
Marceline Gray (7 days ago)
Lol wtf😂😂😂
Souris. exe (7 days ago)
No spoiler!
swaggyshao (7 days ago)
Your video is funny and I'm subscribing
Isiah Jenkins (8 days ago)
Can I try no please no please no about you who else should I tell you about last night screen that forms came to me whispering of the iceberg habit stop at the dreams you can try it are you Gotta be kidding me no thumbs
нафиг ей перья необходимы?
Rüzgar Keser (8 days ago)
Dany El (9 days ago)
Dios que calidad de animacion :0 felisidades!!!! sigan asi por favor :"v
LuigiBro74 (9 days ago)
Starlight is Best Weeping Angel 1:54
Alyssa Albuquerque (9 days ago)
SouthPark Resident (9 days ago)
I’m sorry but Starlight has a serious problem.
chan ChanNel (10 days ago)
2:57 OMG!!!! Nintendo switch!!!!!
Deira11 (10 days ago)
One pegasus was with horn lol
Shawty Fox (10 days ago)
nurulhuda Ali (10 days ago)
but starlight glimmer want to be an alicorn,she must be princess law of equastria. but princess celestia is princess of the sun and law of equastria.
WonderdoesGaming (11 days ago)
1:00 dokkabei
Aso_Gamerz Brazil (11 days ago)
or maybe 2:09
Саша Баш (12 days ago)
ВАТ?! 5:03
Hamna Akram (12 days ago)
Celestia pet is a pony nice
Kashykk (12 days ago)
This the best i could lol Rainbows number 724-626-7 Lol i tried
OrderOfGamers (12 days ago)
Funny enough, Starlight literally dials Rainbow. 7246269.
hoovy lol (12 days ago)
0:35 awwww
Charlz Ramirez (12 days ago)
The number she dialed to call Rainbow Dashes cutie mark is 7246269
Haining Zheng (12 days ago)
Starlight glimmer u aren’t a dragon how u get dragon wings 😟😟😟😒😒😏😏😏😐😐😐😑😑😑😐😐😐
ルイス (12 days ago)
Lol the switch:D
Tuan Le (12 days ago)
Bella STAR (12 days ago)
Я не сообразил малость
Love Ya Guys (13 days ago)
3:40 cuz eff logic :D
GBLuna (13 days ago)
I just love how creepy and crazily powerful Starlight is.
Bill Me (13 days ago)
Roger Pacquette (13 days ago)
That is creepy
Кто российский лайк. Я ору со Спайка! И со Старлайт в конце
Kaylee Li (13 days ago)
4:03 ALICORN???
Kyle Bradford (13 days ago)
Co7777 DrippyUnknown (14 days ago)
Lu Gao (14 days ago)
Starlight is 173
Greenie! :D (14 days ago)
the pony moths are here
Kathy Misner (14 days ago)
apparently Fluttershy gets turned on by having her feathers ripped off
Jemma Gamix (14 days ago)
P J (14 days ago)
At 2:29 Did anyone else notice on the right there is a portal with lots of starlight glimmers? just before the castle blocks it.
Aiden Jolly (6 days ago)
P J oh wow no u caught that? Jeez
Asif Musa (15 days ago)
It's very funny
skylander sisters (15 days ago)
Magnifasint wings that faild and she sheds like spike did woooooooowwww makes so much sence *sarcastic*
kity the kity (15 days ago)
So Starlight is a dragon? Top 10 anime plot twists
Tekwoj (16 days ago)
Xdddddddd funny!!!!!!!!!
moca studios (16 days ago)
Love Cat Gacha Studio (16 days ago)
The end is so funny😂
Valkyrie Lara-Vera (16 days ago)
Daisy Lee (16 days ago)
Omg so funny
Abril y Princhu YT (17 days ago)
2:08 7w7 xdxd

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