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Syence - Give Me A Little (feat. Kait Weston) [Lyrics Video] ♪

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Syence - Give Me A Little (feat. Kait Weston) ⚡ Magic Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2IjvlJn ⚡ Magic Facebook: https://bit.ly/2e982Cf ⚡ Magic Instagram: https://bit.ly/2Iny5FN ⚡ Magic Twitter: https://bit.ly/2p6l23f ⚡ Magic Soundcloud: https://bit.ly/2AGsCpL ⚡ Magic Submission: https://bit.ly/2osrLoa Track Link: https://soundcloud.com/syence/give-me-a-little-feat-kait-weston Follow Syence: https://goo.gl/X8mFCD https://goo.gl/pYRdpk https://goo.gl/TWkU9Y https://goo.gl/VP64GE ------------------------------------------------------- ✓ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS ✓ ------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ♫ Submit your music here : https://bit.ly/MagicSubmissions 🔔 CONTACT US : [email protected]
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Anne-Gaelle Burns (1 month ago)
Pretty fabulous post! I also was wanting to mention, my husband has a page on Youtube, (Andrew Burns Music) and has been having a hard time to gain new subscribers. I know that he has been working a lot on his music, and I really think that there are several of his tunes that are incredibly similar to the songs that you have on this channel, so I felt I would be extra nice and show him a little support. If you enjoy all the outstanding music on this channel, I am positive that you will love his music as well! 🎶
WVRRIORS (2 months ago)
I can picture this on the radio X.X
Danila Show (2 months ago)
Top music)
shahriar karim (2 months ago)
How did u make your intro
Anfiraz Agario (2 months ago)
Loveee itt :)

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