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The Invasion of Poland (1939)

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Text Comments (5362)
SkitMaster (13 hours ago)
1:36 two 14th armies?
Aboelenein (16 hours ago)
Oh look another allies propaganda video.
The Stubborn Lads (19 hours ago)
Poor polish
heinz peztter (19 hours ago)
u forgot that poland shot down a german aircraft before the war started. poland started ww2 its historical fact
ゴン助 (21 hours ago)
poor poland...(´;ω;`)
Marek KfcKurczak (1 day ago)
No i co kurwa? Wygraliśmy i elo XD
jacob vaughn (1 day ago)
I like how you guys have the 1st. Infantrie Divisions symbol on some of the helmets
Lel Jdam (1 day ago)
can polan into ww2? -yis- no.
ESSOKAYmusic (1 day ago)
germany should have stopped the war after defeating poland and france, and continue to live peacefully in the german-russian continent, but no, to many idiots wanted the whole world... which idiot would make russia its enemy? instead of a powerful ally
Pan Cytryna (1 day ago)
But still the UK... And we have to remeber that Stalin also wanted to attack Hitler
Wirtualny Świat (1 day ago)
It's really good material. No propaganda, no lying. True story bro! Thank you, greetings from Poland! ;)
Willy Wonkowski (2 days ago)
Nicely done!
GoodManG47 (2 days ago)
On September 30, Warsaw sent an ultimatum to Prague with a demand to accept Polish conditions until 12:00 on October 1 and execute them within 10 days. During an urgent consultation, France and Britain, fearing the collapse of the Munich process, put pressure on Czechoslovak Foreign Minister K. Croft, forcing him to agree to the set conditions. On October 1 Czechoslovak troops began to withdraw from the border, and Zaolzier was transferred to Poland. With Zaolzem, Poland acquired 805 km² of territory and 227400 inhabitants. The shaking of the Polish marshal Edward Rydz-Smigly and the German attache of Major-General Bogislav von Studnitsa on the parade of Independence Day in Warsaw on November 11, 1938. The photo is noteworthy because the Polish parade was especially attached to the seizure of Těšín Silesia a month earlier
Pan Cytryna (1 day ago)
Andrea Sandler (2 days ago)
USSR during battle of Stalingrad: *URA URA URA!* Poland during 1939 invasion: *KURWA KURWA KURWA!*
Julius Vinter (2 days ago)
What about the Wookies on Kashyyk?
Lord tachanka (2 days ago)
Wait i was born on sep 1st so i was born when the invasion of poland started
Honest M'aiq (2 days ago)
National disasters Japan : Tsunamis and earthquakes USA : Hurricanes Greenland : Global warming Poland : Neighbor countries
William Lu (3 days ago)
Nick Popik (3 days ago)
You didnt talk about the 40:1 ratio and how the poles withstood the Germans for 5 days
Nick Popik (3 days ago)
Nick Popik (3 days ago)
Yay Polska
Jell1y Gamer (3 days ago)
TNT TNT (3 days ago)
No one help us
Ethan Mercer (3 days ago)
Aa an American this pains me that there was nothing done to help Poland I’m glad you polish did all you could against fascist and communist beside you had a artillery bear that’s awesome best of luck Poland stay strong
anan reiz (4 days ago)
Polish people always resists. Greetings from Turkey.
And nowadays Poland seems to have short term memory loss
Pan Cytryna (1 day ago)
list of things you loose when you need them the most -keys -phone -wallet -france and britain
Hentaistic (4 days ago)
So... Poland was raped by Germany and the u.s.s.r.
Macobsession100 (4 days ago)
DelJuvePiero (4 days ago)
Poland has not been lucky with its geography. Germans to the west and russians to the east, can't get much worse.
Esping (4 days ago)
This is so Sad for POLSKA 😢😢😢
Husky SM (4 days ago)
Poland learned that day two fronts arent good. Germany should have never betrayed russia before they defeated the enemy to the west. Imagine a japan and germany against russia alone. After that start war against japan and the world belongs to you. They were so near the world leadership. Maybe not a good leadership but who cares you could just kill your enemys if they dont agree with you. LMAO
j b (4 days ago)
gdyby polska nie prowokowala na Odrze może by do tego nie doszło
Pan Cytryna (4 days ago)
+j b Co ty bredzisz.... Jaka wojna domowa?
j b (4 days ago)
+Pan Cytryna gdyby nie wkorocznie wojsk niemieckich, w polsce wybuchła by wojna domowa
Pan Cytryna (4 days ago)
Co ty bredzisz kolego
Polackistan people is still an enemy to all white people. We need to send them back home and build a wall.
Rayenn14 (4 days ago)
I just sent my application of polish subtitles, I'm going to do same with other videos, pozdrowienia z Polski ;)
Aliff Syakir (5 days ago)
#simplehistory do the ju -87 stuka
Rashad Roberts (5 days ago)
They should've changed there capital name Warsaw is a invasion waiting to happen
Rashad Roberts (5 days ago)
Did Poland ever had a country of there own damn Poland
Pan Cytryna (4 days ago)
+Rashad Roberts Poland was a country a long time. I don't know exactly how long, but for sure at least from 1000.
Pan Cytryna (4 days ago)
+Rashad Roberts Not true
Rashad Roberts (4 days ago)
+Pan Cytryna just saying Russia had it then Germany then Russia again then Germany and Russia then Russia again
Pan Cytryna (4 days ago)
What do you mean?
that ship you were talking about is the dreadnought sleshwig holstien
Blue Glue (5 days ago)
4:15 It’s my birthday and I live in Poland. ;c
stoner gamer (5 days ago)
Much like the invasion in Ukraine
wolfinet w (5 days ago)
What about battle of Wizna?? Would you make a video about it??
TheEnlightenMe (6 days ago)
wow !!!!!!!
Rory O'Brien (6 days ago)
Our little poland
Chris Goodman (6 days ago)
The music fits the video
Gabriel Aim (6 days ago)
Poland:exist Germany:hippity hoppity your now my property
Amir Duishvili (6 days ago)
Andy Barclay (6 days ago)
Poland soldier1: did you heard something? Poland soldier2: huh? *germany anthem gets louder* Poland soldier3: watch out there is an invasion!!!!!!!! Everyone died, the end :D
Setiv (6 days ago)
*ONLY* Hungary is true friend. Britain and France are only liar. They say we do nothing in war. Hmmmmm. Dyvision 303 rescue England (We kill most germans planes) Monte Casino and more
Gaius Wyrden (6 days ago)
Thank God there is peace between the two countries. Even if they arent really friends at the moment, at least they dont fight eachother.
Eric Gabriel Along (7 days ago)
Artillery only...
Abdul Martin (7 days ago)
Why didn't the british and french declare war on the russian? They did attack the polish.
Dim Kougiou (7 days ago)
And the Germans they don’t pay like they do with Greeks and others to.They pay only to Israel.
Frederick Kriesel (7 days ago)
Gonna do one on the Invasion of Iraq? Just change the names of this video.
Axblow (7 days ago)
Thank you for saying the truth about france and britain who did nothing to help my country. Great work!
jake smith (7 days ago)
Conquering countries takes years to do yet Hitler's generals said it would take 3 months to defeat Poland, Hitler said do it in 6 weeks... they did it in 5 weeks
Panzer Armour (8 days ago)
Poor Poland it was unfair for them 2 superpowers Vs a Tiny country!
Szymon Wasila (8 days ago)
France joined The war? Are you kur...a kidding me
Szymon Wasila (4 days ago)
Pan Cytryna i jaki był tego efekt jełopie?
Pan Cytryna (4 days ago)
No tak zrobili ćwoku
Eric Nguyen (8 days ago)
Speak of Overkill
Hunter Wolf (9 days ago)
Witamy tu Polska :D Will you give Polish subtitles?
Pan Cytryna (7 days ago)
+Hunter Wolf Bez przesady to nie jest niewiadomo jak trudne
Hunter Wolf (7 days ago)
+Pan Cytryna ale jeżeli ktoś z polski chciałby obejrzeć coś o ich kraju z za granicy, jednak nie umie dobrze angielskiego, aby dobrze zrozumieć?
Pan Cytryna (9 days ago)
Włącz sobie angielskie
Gabriel Abelsky (9 days ago)
amazing i love you
Alharbi Nawaf (9 days ago)
Blade57331 (9 days ago)
You know, your allies not helping you when you are attacked is one thing. But being pressured by those allies to not even defend yourself (by not disposing your units along the border) and THEN them not helping when you actually get attacked is just ... wow. No wonder Poland has trust issues
Mini Kuroneko (9 days ago)
annoying accent, couldn’t tolerate it:p
Guziell (9 days ago)
Poland lost, but the Germans did not go so easily as propaganda claimed and many of them were killed. The ratio of destruction to losses that the Polish army showed in the war against the Germans is better than what France showed in 1940 with only one opponent. If the Polish had as much equipment as the French at that time, the September campaign could have a different result. 1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Mokra 2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_M%C5%82awa 3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Modlin 4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_the_Bzura 2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Kock_(1939) 3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Szack
Parias dfg (9 days ago)
Poland was warning allies about german aggresion and war preparations long time before start of the war, and was asking for spoiling attack on Germany. WW2 could be avoided, but western politicians were afraid of losing public support... Now the history repeats with immigration crisis in europe.
ShadowOfCurse (9 days ago)
It would be very good to put subtitles in Spanish. I do not understand almost anything but i like itxdxdxdxdd
Unicornul Sarvy (9 days ago)
like for the swastika
KarnakenTV (9 days ago)
Very nice video
Myrmidon san (9 days ago)
do i schmel luftwaffles?
Myrmidon san (9 days ago)
when ur girlfriend's panties fall faster than poland
Jek_si (9 days ago)
When France fell faster than even GF's panties XD
Apollo Creed (9 days ago)
I hate germans...
The Red Panda Reich (10 days ago)
Danzig Massacres,.
ViktorHark (8 days ago)
Are you one of those "58 000 germans killed" ?
Pan Cytryna (9 days ago)
No proof it happened
Styrene Panzer (10 days ago)
Also worth noting that Poland never technically surrendered, rather the gov't and army fled through romania to England, where they established what is still to this day one of the single largest, most well-organized underground states in existence.
Dirty scum russians. We should of killed them all while we had Patton!
Amie Arendayen (10 days ago)
Plz filipino-american war 1898-1913
The military's only job is to defend the country it is from. The poles failed for listening to Britain. If Britain was about to be invaded I guarantee they would of had their military ready.
tommy14 (10 days ago)
Noble pre-war Poland - or was it? -1/5 of their pop was second rate citizen, like the USA Negros in 1930. As 2nd rate citizen, they did not get full legal rights, nor could they join the Army. So racism kept the Army 1/5 smaller..... -Even among full poles: the nobles, the rich, and the military had all power, regularly giving the shaft to the labor class and the the poor peasants, especially during the Great Depression. -The polish gov't was called "The Parliament of Colonels" - many of their military leaders put political promises above military strategy. That is why the stupid "defend every inch" plan. -Polish Gov't was so rabidly anti-communist, that even when the USSR allied with and sent troops into Czechoslovakia during the crisis there, Poland would not join in defending...... -instead Poland betrayed their ally, Czechoslovakia, joining in with Hitler to take over territory.
Wojciech Kowalski (6 days ago)
1. Yes, there were plenty of ethnic tensions in Poland, especially what is current western Ukraine, due to various historical, political and religious factors. Sometimes it could even escalate to armed violence, and, with enough inciting from Ukrainian nationalists and German occupation forces turning blind eye, there was enough hate to start the so-called Volhynian Slaughter in 1943. However, it can't be said that there was no attempts to adress the issue. For example, in early years after WW I, many influential Polish politicians tried to push forward the concept of making a federated state of Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania (akin to Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth). Failed due to the country barely winning against Bolsheviks and terrible foreign policy. Also, duringring the war even the nationalistic faction of Polish resistance often helped the jewish minority or outright recruited some of them into their ranks. 2. I don't really know much on the subject 3. Sadly true. Many military leaders were either awarded with their stations due to political connections, or were leftovers from the Polish-Bolshevik war with outdated mindset. There were, of course, exceptions (general Kutrzeba, for example) but most competent of Polish WW2 commanders early in the war were too far away from HQ to make a difference, and only managed to gain well-deserved credit later in war (example: generals Maczek, Anders or Sosabowski). 4. Check the history of Baltic States and you will see, how soviet "protection" would propably end. In one year time at most, or immidietaly after the war with Germans entire Polish army would be suddenly disarmed and "Polish Soviet Republic" would be proclaimed as a part of USSR, of course after a "totally fair and democratic" vote. And trust me - soviet regime was just as bloody as German, they just had other means of going about it and other victims of choice. 5. First, could there really be chance of fighting of Germany alongside Czechs but without France and UK? Second: the territory you speak about was polish, but it was invaded and annexed in 1919 when Polish army was occupied elsewhere, with various crimes commited during the short conflict by Czech army against POWs and local civilians. So this is kind of a complex issue. Personally though, for me the entire Munich conference is simply incredible rage-inducing, and draws a few paralleres to Polish history itself. So yes, Poland was not a saint. But again - does any country truly is?
lortea (7 days ago)
Loads of rubbish. All ethnic minorities were presented in parliament, through many parties. Voting rights foe every adult, parliament vice-speakers from ethnic minority, etc.
tommy14 (9 days ago)
point 1 - about 1/5 was Belorussian, Jewish, German and Rumanian, ect. None of these were considered citizens, none got the right to vote, and if you read about how the 1930's Poles were treating the Belorussians, you can see the USA Negro similarities. Sorry, I don't remember a source, but you can find it. My main point was the Poles were not saints, they were similar to most other countries in 1930's - crooked, racist, & dumb. And I include USA and Britain in that.
Jek_si (10 days ago)
For the first 2 points i would kile some sources. 3. You're kinda right there, and that is a shame. 4. Considering Stalin is responsible for at lest 3 times as many deaths as Hitler, i support anti-communisim. 5. Scumbag move, I agree. However, Poland only took a single city, which was Polish, if you asked its citizens.
Tejas Jain (10 days ago)
Why don't make war series on Indian war ( South Asia) country
Tejas Jain (10 days ago)
I am simple history fan I suggest there should be videos on war heroes and there have to be bio on them
Gisleyiin (10 days ago)
Don't forget that after the capitulation of Poland, we put up an underground state, and many years later, we've fought in the largest uprising in Warsaw in 1944, against the Nazi's, BUT GUESS WHAT HAPPENED, we were all alone, but we never lost our faith, and after the Yalta conference, we were betrayed yet again. But hey! It's all good to call us neo-nazi's, white supremacists now!
Pan Nieważne (3 hours ago)
There was NO capitulation. Poland was conquered and subjugated, but didn't sign any shameful, or blaimfull act. Goverment was evakuated first to France, second to Britain, and continued traditions. They still had own treasure, and paid to allies for equipment for polish forces. Insygnium of authority had return to Warsaw in 90ths, when last president on excile gave them to Lech Wałęsa after communism collapsed.
Jek_si (10 days ago)
Who do the brits think saved them from V2 missile attacks?
Iridus 434 (11 days ago)
E io sono italo-polacco....
Stefano Thamage (11 days ago)
Do North Africa campaign
....Poland have Polska Armia Krajowa Poland destroyed Germany Polish Soldiers Of PAK Destroyed All Soldiers Germany Who defended Hitler Polish Soldiers Killed all of this soldiers and by this Attack USA HITLER Dead by shooting our head and by this no defense
DeezeNutsInYoMouf (11 days ago)
Is Solid Snake voicing this vid?
Mario (11 days ago)
France and England didn't wanted to join the war at the begining... wtf... why are they included in that war from the start?
Maggieyaboii44 Yay (11 days ago)
can u do more ww2 videos
EC-PC (11 days ago)
Any polish care to say what cych means? Its my surname and it originates from Poland? Any ideas?
Pan Cytryna (11 days ago)
Looks like it is just a surname without any meaning
Pan Cytryna (11 days ago)
I don't know what it is
Mikołaj Starczewski (11 days ago)
I hate a england and french because they don t help us poland we fight 1 month we be attack 2 saids and britan and french defend french 1 month
Zdzislav (11 days ago)
Sons of pigs! Not enough they dont want to pay official reperation to the most victimised country in World War 2, moreover they accuse us of holocaust today a long side with jews...
Jedidr (11 days ago)
Man why did they continue to fight with the british army? They abandoned you, I woulda joined the axis to fight against the allies for abandoning you.
Pan Cytryna (11 days ago)
Well... Why would we
Dts (12 days ago)
"abonden by its allies" ? how could they mobilize and help in such a short time?
Pan Cytryna (11 days ago)
Warsaw surrundered 28 september. Allies had to attack 16 of September
Dts (12 days ago)
I tought, Germany didnt anticipate England and France would go to war
"Brought the United Kingdom and France into the war", Uh don't you mean that England and France decided to declare war on Germany on Sept. 3?
jerolvilladolid (12 days ago)
The invasion of Poland shows us that Justice works in mysterious ways. That no matter how supreme a power in its time (Germany), it cannot defeat a nation that is on the side of right (Poland). With all of its tanks and planes, the war with poland ended with Poland occupying and annexing a full 1/3 of the former germany (Prussia, Silesia, and Pomerania).
Redstone2324 (12 days ago)
This is why poland can't go to space
Pan Cytryna (11 days ago)
Poland even had a rocket program
Amaury Acosta (12 days ago)
Is that Charlie Cheen? The narrator
GreatNazi Reich (12 days ago)
Go Heinz Gudarian attack Poland with you skill Britzrieg!
It's funny how Poland is presented as a victim, given her recent sins
Pan Cytryna (11 days ago)
For example ?
What "recent sins" are those?
Rich Merowitz (12 days ago)
These cutesy depictions of war suck.

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