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Miami Beach, Girls and Guys in the Sun

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youtube travel videos http://www.overlander.tv Lovely day on Miami Beach today so took the camera done to get some shots.Think I invented a new shot, the 'camera man stands all over your towel with sandy feet' shot! Subscribe to overlander: http://www.youtube.com/user/overlander?sub_confirmation=1 Check out our full video catalog: http://www.youtube.com/user/overlander/videos Videos, travel advice and more: http://overlander.tv Like Overlander on Facebook: http://fb.com/overlander.tv Follow Overlander on Twitter: http://twitter.com/overlandertv Instagram Travel Photos: http://instagram.com/overlandertv
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Text Comments (11)
codyz - (1 year ago)
how hot does it get there in summer
ALEX VANEGAS (2 years ago)
Speack a littler english. I wanna go to visit USA. MIAMI BEACH
shantanu chouhan (3 years ago)
What a life
mike rockfort (3 years ago)
overlander must have hooked up with a redhead ,hes lostit
Brian Cook (3 years ago)
It's 16 degrees outside in East Tennessee.  It's still 80 degrees during the day in Miami.  The Appalachian Mountains really affect the temperature where I live.  I think I would enjoy living in Florida someday.  I usually feel miserable when it's below 40 degrees.
NRA NRA (3 years ago)
waoooo cuantas papayasssssss
bokeflo (3 years ago)
Nicely done Mark. Now I want to go to the beach.
Ayngelina Brogan (4 years ago)
Looks like a great day at the beach.
kappelmeister123 (4 years ago)
nice of you to edit the large german tourists out of the video....that was most respectable to your viewers
Lush Vids (4 years ago)
like floating in a dreeeam
buda budaboi (4 years ago)
Wow the sea is nasty in miami :)

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