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[UTAU] Secret Time After School / Himitsu no Houkago

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New song!!! Ah, this song is so hard to mix!!! But I win! The Ust is from Nmasao-sama!! Now, Utau list!! Hatsune Miku: Ambre Yuki, by IchigoMinako, Meiko: Celestine aoi Append Etoile, by BlueValkirie, Yuki Kaai: Chiyuki Kagene and Rin Kagamine: Himeka Kagene, by SecretPrincess02, Miki SF-A2: Tohne Nilla by NillaNillaChan, Lily: Nami Utaune by namiko89, Gumi Megpoid: Camila Melodia, by Gaticaeitan, Iroha Nekomura: Yami Ryone by EcstasyDarks and Luka Megurine: Teto Kasane by Nobuyo Oyama
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IchigoMinako (6 years ago)
raah!! j'adore vraiment!!! à 2:28 c'est chiyuki qui chante? car sa voix est trop mignonne!!

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