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The World After Sea-Level Rise

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A flyover animation of cities underwater after the climate warms four degrees and the oceans rise. Global warming: effects of 2º vs 4º. President Donald Trump's policies may lock us into 4º of warming. FB for daily news: http://www.facebook.com/thedailyconversation http://www.twitter.com/thedailyconvo Subscribe to TDC: https://www.youtube.com/TheDailyConversation/ Clips courtesy of Climate Central: http://www.climatecentral.org/ Video edited by Robin West Produced by Bryce Plank
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Text Comments (463)
Stive Seguin (24 days ago)
Is waterworld is a prédiction movies ...
Manuel Rodrigues (26 days ago)
That's why I can still take out a loan today for beachfront property. The banks are clearly dumb. Who knows who they ever got to be the banks in the first place..........
Callandor (26 days ago)
We fixed the ozone layer depletion, acid rain, next is man made carbon dioxide and plastics. Anyone thinking we can't affect the climate is ignorant and/or foolish.
gooddealonly (28 days ago)
That would be great! My Las Vegas house may become a beachfront property? Well, I should be dead by then. No, this is so stupid. If someone thinks we can do anything to affect the global temperature up or down a few degrees, try to do something to change the directions of a hurricane or tornado first. It is much more localized and immediate on a much smaller scale. Did something figure out how much ice it takes to raise the sea level all over the world by one foot? Do we have enough ice?
spankme74 (1 month ago)
Listen up dumbasses I'm only going to say this once. The sea level is not Rising!!!what is happening is the continents themselves are sinking under their own weight and the weight that we have added to them by building on top of it. The main reason this is happening is the removal of sand from the ground by us humans in order to construct roads buildings Etc. This also explains why there has been so many sinkholes opening up lately you remove something nature eventually fills it back in
Hi Hikikomori (1 month ago)
i don't like the video. the trend of sea level rise is gradual and exponential. in any case sea will rise even faster decade after decade, and won't stop there.
L_Top (1 month ago)
Let's shot the water in the space
Ashley Nave (1 month ago)
Water could evaporate in some of the most hottest places on Earth. Scourging hot dry places that needed a cool down.
Ashley Nave (1 month ago)
Some places are so dried up and could use water. My prayers that they reach dry places, and create riverbeds. Some very dry, and lifeless places out there.
rockymountainman7 (2 months ago)
I heard Al Gore bought a ocean front propperty a while back... Insurance companies have not pulled out of insuring ocean front propperties...
Evan Oliver (2 months ago)
It's really shocking and sad that we as a species can conquer flight, breathing underwater, even space, but when it comes to believing that we could possibly have an impact on the Earth we live, absolutely no way. What's even more sad is that the people in our government KNOW they are wrong, our political system is just full of big fossil fuel companies lobbying money. We will pay for our hubris and arrogance.
kalumnist (2 months ago)
Hate to think what New Orleans is going to look like
freedomfightertwo (2 months ago)
New York City under the water! Wonderful news!  I‘m just loving it!
Julian B (2 months ago)
This will become the biggest refugee crisis in the history of the world if we do not each and every single human on the planet change our lives to be carbon-free, which will not be easy, which is why we need videos like this to give us perspective.
ricardo machado (2 months ago)
A complete lie
Martin Martin (2 months ago)
How are cities gonna flod, when they were all build in the climate warm periodes?
Erik Hunt (2 months ago)
Perhaps start the preparation to build floating towns now
Splash'n'Skillz #37 (3 months ago)
Time to ice the sea
Marthlake (3 months ago)
and this is why humans deserve to go extinct anyway i’m gonna kill myself to make the world 1 out of 7.6 billinths better
this is so epic (2 months ago)
ShyKitsune (3 months ago)
Dammit thats over half the world gone , thanks alot republicans
nickrock23 (3 months ago)
Sea level has been rising at a rate of 0.15cm/year for the last 140 years. That's 1/16th of an inch.
old man vollox (3 months ago)
reality check DUMMYS /www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/columnists/christopherbooker/5067351/Rise-of-sea-levels-is-the-greatest-lie-ever-told.html
King Dollison (3 months ago)
How is the Netherlands not on the list?
cjmerobot (3 months ago)
The sea level has been rising for a very long time
Dave Plu (3 months ago)
The Truth about Sea-Level Rise: Ancient Submerged Ruins at Dwarka, India: “These structures lie in a depth of 7 to 10 meters, below the present mean sea-level, indicating a rise of 10 meters in sea-level during the last 3,600 years." (Doctor S. R. Roa) A PhD with no motivation to lie... That’s AT LEAST 2.8 mm per year... for 36 centuries! NOAA reported Sea-level Rise: 1960 1.6mm per year 2019 3.0mm per year Completely normal.
1carkeet (3 months ago)
Just another way to create taxes out of something they cant prove otherwise.
Harry Dickenson (3 months ago)
You gotta vote don't you? Ask and you shall receive, what's more important, what should be prioritized.
Christopher Dignam (4 months ago)
what place is this
Mishn0 (4 months ago)
Go watch Tony Heller's videos.
Pat Twidale (4 months ago)
According to Al Gore this should have happened 5 years ago yet nothing has changed one bit. Everything is exactly the same as it was when he wrote his book of lies. The only thing these crooks have done is emptied people's bank accounts and robbed children of food, shelter, and clothing.
Apex Epic (4 months ago)
F Greenlands F Antartica F North Pole glaciers
KG Thompson (4 months ago)
Cities not earth stupid title
IsMeme GreatYa (4 months ago)
Learn how to spell and cities are in earth.
Robert Paulson (4 months ago)
we gonna dye
*I guess we all moving to space*
Ben Dover (5 months ago)
This has happened several times before and will happen several times again. If we are here or not.
isafakir (5 months ago)
why in god's name do these really important videos have to be accompanied by the dumbest mind deadening noise called music: even muzak would be better. half way through this video - i want to throw my laptaop at the wall - and lately virtually all of youtube has the same mindless barabarian thumping
Saud Hashmi (5 months ago)
This is grossly inaccurate. Please go to the NOAA website for a more scientific estimation of the effects of seawater rise.
The The (5 months ago)
Cool, weer putting in a pool!
Thought vibes z (6 months ago)
we should control our population ban birth for 20 years
Dulio Lemus (6 months ago)
How much time till this happens???
No Dogma Mama (6 months ago)
Less land more people so we'll need more farm land. That will lead to the end of suburbs.
travis shooks (6 months ago)
I love every year when the climate alarmist have to explain why we’re not underwater yet and their predictions were wrong before but now they are sure they’re right.
Ricecrisp (6 months ago)
Berch Khalifa is broken People:noooooooooopoooo
why no san francisco :(
Rollo Weeks (7 months ago)
Hayden Case (6 months ago)
Rollo Weeks Any proof that it is fake?
anisuthideyakoindu (7 months ago)
what about your climate change in hell? you liars!!!
V12ish (7 months ago)
It's a shame we made turned climate change into a political debate. I blame both the Republican and Democratic party for this. Instead of pointing fingers we need to educate people about this topic. We also need need to acknowledge global warming is occurring with or without human intervention. We can't avoid it but we can definitely reduce our carbon foot print.
A Marquis (7 months ago)
Who I dont want that to happen :(
Colin Greene (3 months ago)
if this happening for real im for sure going to mars
Tom Thumb (7 months ago)
I am in favor of global warming.
Obscure Fragments (8 months ago)
Better start building those Blade Runner 2049 walls
KittyCatGamer (8 months ago)
"The water level is rising" "We're running out of water" wat
Jake Waugh (8 months ago)
This is ALL NORMAL just ask the GOP and their sheep. They'll tell you.
gumby (8 months ago)
The vancouver one aint so bad, it's always raining here anyways
t84t748748t6 (8 months ago)
pff i am dutch water hasn't scared us in years
Wild Earth (8 months ago)
Shanghai, Lagos, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangkok, Dhaka, Jakarta, Osaka, Seoul, Liverpool, Miami, New Orleans, Manaus, Cancun, Dakar, Venice, Hamburg, Manila, Ho chi min, Hanoi, Brisbane, Bordeaux, Singapore, Lisbon, St Petersburg, Bristol/Cardiff, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Alexandria, Cadiz, Anvers, Montevideo, Lima, Auckland, Busan, Marseille, Bangalore, Karachi, Accra, Seattle, Copenhague ?
IsMeme GreatYa (4 months ago)
Kids Learning Channel (8 months ago)
whats the name of the global temperature rise website
Andrew Hoback (8 months ago)
What is a timetable?seems important for this type of video
Yousif A Tobiya (9 months ago)
To the world with my greetings and appreciation... People × 10000000 catch the snake from the head not the tail... Yousif A Tobiya Forcibly displaced
larry Lathrop (9 months ago)
Global warming glaciers will melt we all will die. Wait never happened now climate change we will all die. Trump is the president we will all die. Hitter is still alive Russians everywhere we will all die. Seems liberals like to be scared all the time because they are pusses. It’s ok we real men will be here to protect you from the wolf.
silver fang (9 months ago)
This is wild animals online theme
Mustafa Hussein (9 months ago)
What will happen to The Netherlands?
IsMeme GreatYa (4 months ago)
Duned (9 months ago)
Donald Trump:You see now,walls are very useful at this time :D
Raf Soc (10 months ago)
20000 years ago, during the last ice age, the sea level was 130m lower than it is now. To get where it is now it had to rise about 6mm per year. Now experts say it is rising about 2mm/year. So, is the sea level rise slowing down? It has been rising for all these years, well before humans started burning fossil fuels.
Infinite Life (10 months ago)
You missed la and San Diego and the garbage IE. I want to see all the gay pride people washed away because they forgot to protest the pollution and focused on gay people too much. What dumb people in America but our country in its entirety does have a low IQ
The Jonny-A Show! (10 months ago)
I hope this happens in my life time! Just to see it! And it sounds like boats or the future of transportation! Lol
Anand Nair (10 months ago)
This not going to happen in hundreds of years. This is going to happen within this century.
JustAPotato (10 months ago)
You know, it’s kinda like that movie WaterWorld
Ross Pyle (10 months ago)
You just can't argue with computer models - even though none of them have actually been right.
wrestling uncensored (11 months ago)
This will never happen
CNNIS FAKENEWS (11 months ago)
CNNIS FAKENEWS (11 months ago)
alvin chipmunk (11 months ago)
Looks like all those filthy rich/rich people need to cough up all those greedy made profits they made and keep making - so dishonestly - and start paying for all the damm's/levee's and all/everything else needed to keep the water back/ 'fix' the problem(s) they have created. NOT the average Joe/Jane taxpayer, AGAIN having to pay dearly for their ( the filthy rich/rich ) screw-ups/ decisions that created the problem(s) to start with. Just like the ongoing terrorism issue(s) and the rest. It's time. It's way over-due. Make THEM pay for it. And the rest of the very expensive problem's that they have created and/or create. Or, OUR government should simple seize their wealth, incarcerate themfor life - and/or better yet - execute them so as not to further burden the over-all public any further w/the expense of their incarcerations. Yes. Public executions of them would be more than well enough 'in order'!
Dragan Tešić (11 months ago)
I live in Serbia and im so hapy that this will happen to America after they bombed us
Nerfady Werpady (1 year ago)
Run for the mountains
idiot video
IsMeme GreatYa (4 months ago)
Charlie Cartaya (1 year ago)
This will happen in a while it’s going to happen in like 100 million years or 100
UnSubRocky (1 year ago)
Uhuh... and at 4degrees higher, you would see a lot more rain dumped into the middle of continents, thereby countering whatever sea level rise you see around the coastline.
Dan C (1 year ago)
This makes perfect sense, unless you're Donald Trump.
Nicholas White (1 year ago)
My friend says clickbait because of the the photo you put on google
Soldier Arms (1 year ago)
KoffeeKat (1 year ago)
oh........my gawd
Mick Russom (1 year ago)
The Jurassic period. O2 in atmosphere was 130% modern levels. CO2 was at 1950ppm, 5-7 times modern levels. The temperature was a whole 3 DEGREES C over modern times! Oh no! The Jurassic DGW, Dinosaurogenic Global Warming, shows that those Dinosaurs - with their Airplanes, SUVs, Coal Fire Plants and Cars and stuff, you know, those Dinosaurs and their DGW destroyed THE WHOLE PLANET!! With their DGW! Look, who wants 26% atmospheric oxygen? More air to breathe? Who wants that? And who wants more CO2 @1950 ppm, you know, to make all those plants and trees convert that CO2 into a higher O2! Who wants that! And we DON'T want the massive biodiversity of the Jurassic, no, we don't want more plants and animals and trees, no. Any time period the warmunists want to "prove" there is AGW the warmunists just cherry pick ranges. And now I give the warmunists what the need on a silver platter - now they have the perfect example - the Dinosaurs and their horrible DGW (Dinosauric Global Warming) that destroyed the Jurassic... Wait, no, it didn't, it was the best time for life on earth with 1950 ppm atmospheric CO2! Debt is Wealth. Ignorance is Strength. Freedom is Slavery. War is Peace. Cold is Warm. Another Cult of the Church of Climatology propaganda piece with High Priest Al Goreleone's nod of approval.
Andres Anaya (1 year ago)
How can we stop this from happening
Señor Lancho (1 year ago)
This video is fake news
david johnson (1 year ago)
it's called climate control.  it's called chemtrials.  it's called greenhouse affect.  so why are the elite ruling class intentionally warming the earth which in cause melts the antarctica.  this water is coming from somewhere.  there is something under the ice at the antarctic.  the human population will never know because it's been militarilly nailed closed to the general public.  they are thawing this ice through the spraying of chemtrials to get to what they've discovered.
Weras Welod (1 year ago)
i want sea level fast rise pls god
NYCT Enthusiast (1 year ago)
Expect this in 2098 I outta be dead by then!
Sawyer92 (1 year ago)
1:00 RIP Game 7 Rioters
Sawyer92 (1 year ago)
If The He’ll Of A Sea Known As The Mediterranean Was Drained, An Addiction Of Dallas And 0.8% SLC Would Join The Pool.
Sawyer92 (1 year ago)
And I Mean 0.8% Chance SLC Goes Underwater
7 Dog What Te Fuk (1 year ago)
R.i.p best city in the world 😢😢😢😭😭😭
Alex Zabala (1 year ago)
What's wrong with Venice? Isn't called a city of romance? Water filled streets...gondolas??
Fancy Bulldogs105 (1 year ago)
On the bright side, nearly ever seaside city will be like Venice (Global Warming is a hoax)
TheKiboWolf Angels (1 year ago)
If this actually happens im living in a VERY tall biulding
Hoggish (1 year ago)
This would make sense if the Earth wasn't the coolest it has been in hundreds if not thousands of years. I know, you want proof. Look it up yourself. Global warming may exist but the facts are facts.
Omar Al Samin (1 year ago)
John M (1 year ago)
Gee according to algore. NYC is now supposed to be underwater. Milk $9 a gal. Gas $12 a gal. Ooops
Darshan Kumara (1 year ago)
New scientists have turned gas state of carbon dioxide into solid form so we can leave it to space
jeffo (1 year ago)
The Melbourne one won’t be that devastating. I live there and it’s pretty high, as you can see in the video, most of it isn’t effected.

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