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Dragon Nest SEA: Level 70 EX Skills, Assassin

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Disky Anendar (3 years ago)
amzing job forassasin. i will try that :D
CGDavis (3 years ago)
God the video moves too fucking much. I can't even see the damn skills! This isn't cool in the slightest, it's just annoying.
Adamme Factuar (3 years ago)
How do i get EX skills? Someone please answer. :(
Sam Ndokosho (4 years ago)
This is the stupidest fucking video I have ever seen. Please remove your channel, then commit ritual Japanese suicide.
Momchil Momchilov (4 years ago)
Why exactly?
Abyss walker FTW :3 @Reuizi , dude if they remove the suction then nothing left for abyss walker Even light furies has a 9CD suction in their outbreak EX right click but it kinda bugged right now i guess in SEA(i'm AW so can't try if fixed or not). whatever we still easy to defeat because our weakness point "long casting time" .. u just need to be smart even male classes can easily kill defeat us.
shut up your mouse obama
Jubel Alferez (4 years ago)
Name of the music used?
what beat's name?
lefran estera (4 years ago)
just my opinion but I really hate how CC makes EX skills videos. they make it look like showcases to make it look cool but at the same time you have no idea of whats happpening because of the camera view going apeshit. 
Artful Zen (4 years ago)
They made people be like: "Crus stronk" "shiny skill" "epic EX" from the Cleric's EX. And in reality Smite EX is pure crap
Rui Xin Zhao (4 years ago)
TRUE!!!!!! I was thinking right the same thing!!!!
lefran estera (4 years ago)
skill channel then skill casting change angle. wtf =_= every hit, change angle. 
Kiro Moso (4 years ago)
Good job! ty dn sea for making my youth very fun and exciting! Please continue to work your very best in making the game be easy for all players especially to the newbie :D
Reuizi (4 years ago)
remove suction effect of night explosion for pvp plss, it already imba beyond repair
wat depak (4 years ago)
fix normal attack with dagger same as scimitar -___-
Mystic Song (4 years ago)
There is no fix as it's not a "wrong" animation. The attack with the dagger IS just the same, check KDN and CDN.
Elico Malata (4 years ago)
ignore people who dont seem to always be satisfied, some of us are grateful this game arrived at SEA.  and also for you people's efforts. this game isnt pay to win, why? because i dont even spend anything to this game yet im simply blue ranked in colo... and my guildmates, some of them are gold rank and i know they didnt spend anything fancy except for aesthetic reasons.  they win because we have skills and patience, not because they are rich.  im from westwood -Ulquiola 
Elico Malata (4 years ago)
Ah sorry for lack of hindsight, I guess pve is a bit uncharted territory for me. PvP though is a bit fair I guess, but yeah I think FCC needs income. But I am convinced they do it fairly, last speed match they were considerate on non CC spenders
Deadly Gaming (4 years ago)
+Ina H. its a big advantage in PVP to buy costume, it adds to lvl 16 skill +1 and also let you put more healdry -_-
Reuizi (4 years ago)
+Ina H. its their marketing strategy, what do u expect their income from just giving "FREE" mmo title
Mystic Song (4 years ago)
PVP? No Pay2Win there... But it looks a bit different in PVE. I wouldn't say this game is pay2win, but rather if you buy CC you have a lot more advantages and those that don't spend money on the game certainly have lesser stats. Those stats mean almost nothing in PVP, but quite a bit in PVE. Costumes shouldn't have stats, that's my opinion. A lot of people don't mean to say you can "win" the game when you buy CC, but you can easily make tons of gold and have it a lot easier compared to those that don't. I use CC myself, but I really think stats on costumes or extra level for a skill on a weapon cover shouldn't be.
1:46 Night explosion Ex no jutsu  LOL
James Parba (4 years ago)
change your video editor DN SEA team.. you can do better than this..
Kersey Hachi (4 years ago)
Your players ... eehm decreasing ... why pay to win .. zzzzz
Kersey Hachi (4 years ago)
I know that feeling bro
Reuizi (4 years ago)
u can get farm quest from irine, other gold is from TH manipulation, my accounting course friend first time play DN and I introduce him the TH, he gain 3k gold in 2 days and he just lvl 36 at that time, (T_T) and me it take forever to get some luck to get rare drop plate or good item to sell (TT_TT), also Im too lazy+busy to play cause me to lack of gold currently
Shaun Tay (4 years ago)
+jhon shebib google for guides :P
jhon shebib (4 years ago)
+Shaun Tay can u tel about the farming thing cuz i want ti have one but i can't open a field
jhon shebib (4 years ago)
+Shaun Tay guides?

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