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Pattaya : 10 Tips you need to know - part 1/2

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10 useful Tips you need to know when you come to Pattaya, Tip 1 to 5. This also is useful to Phuket or Bangkok where you visit the nightlife, disco's and beer bars. These are not general travel tips. But more specific to those area's. You can watch them here in part 2 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vq8WNB5DL0U Feel free to comment below if you have more tips or suggestions. Please be polite. You can subscribe to my channel to see more from Pattaya and Thailand in the future. Please feel free to add your thoughts in the comment section. Thanks. 关于泰国技巧 vinkkejä Thaimaa conseils sur la Thaïlande. Советы о Таиланде 10 вещей, которые вы должны знать о Паттайе. 10 ting, du behøver at vide om pattaya 10 चीजें आप पटाया के बारे में पता करने की जरूरत है. 10 belangrijke tips over Pattaya
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Text Comments (78)
Sdorsey18sr (1 month ago)
i never follow number 3
if your experienced and know what you are doing, i guess it's ok.
phil phil (2 months ago)
Pattaya were the. Most dangeruous place for the tourist where was surrounding by all kind of mafia toward the tourist. Everywhere.
suchasin (2 months ago)
Most of these so called rules are either Obvious (dont flash your wealth around) or being overcautious. Its perfectly fine to take freelance girls, nothing wrong with them (except ofcourse the yabah skanks but they should be easy to spot). I have never had a girl even attempt to rob or steal anything, in fact the thai are very honest for the most part.
VERY NICE...................................................VERY NICE............................................................VERY NICE..
brajbhan yadav (8 months ago)
Sir translate in hindi
Steff's Thailand Travel (8 months ago)
I wish I could. You have a friend who speaks English and hindi?
Mário Nhatitima (1 year ago)
thanks for the tips. first time i was in thailand my girlfriend was with me and each one looked after another and there were no big issues. this time i want to go alone to enjoy a diferent experience and those tips are very important for me.
Thanks. I hope they will do
Realm (1 year ago)
Thailand wins for sexier girls, short time professional bar girl fun, Philippines is better for the longer stay GF experience experience
9tarko (1 year ago)
thanks Steff. It was time some vlogger gave these vital tips and congrats to you for well justified insight..
9tarko thanks. yeah an older video but still up to date.
Sorry Steff, I really disagree with two things. I have met over 500 Thai freelancers in my life and never had a problem with them. I don't however pick them up from Beach Road (which does have some dicey ladies) but from Walking Street nightclubs. Also I disagree with the bargaining part, a lot of girls will shoot a high price just to see if the guy bites but many will be happy to go 50% or even 75% lower than their high price. I usually don't discuss money in the first place however and just pick the freelancers up from discos and give them a tip in the morning.
Oh I missed that part. Yeah that is a good point if they are newbies they should stick to established places. Also another good tip is that newbies shouldn't fall in love with a girl they meet in Pattaya :)
Hey Charlie, No problem. I also had never problems with any girls. bar girls or freelancers. But this video is for people who are new to Pattaya or Thailand. best stay away from freelancers if you you can't judge them on your first trip. I know,with out experience we would not get into trouble :) I never bargain on girls. if they ask more then 1500-2000 Baht, They are gold diggers... I just walk away. But in a matter of fact i rarely barfine girls. Maybe 1 or 2 the last year.
Steve in Cork (1 year ago)
For a newbie it can be like a rabbit caught in headlights safer way to travel to Thailand for 1st time is to try and go with a good friend preferably who may have been there before.
yeah, indeed. Have a good friend accompanying you or just meet new friends. Very easy in Pattaya
Joie Amper (1 year ago)
this was very helpful thanks
Joie Amper thanks Joie
Transfertravel.com (1 year ago)
Great Video
TheRobertino2001 (1 year ago)
It's usually safe to go with a freelancer, if you're staying at a hotel, because they will take her ID, photocopy it and keep it in the safe overnight. The next morning when she goes to leave, reception will phone your room to see is everything ok before she gets her ID back. So you can go to sleep knowing that when you wake up, she, along with your wallet won't have disappeared. If you're renting an apartment, stick to bar girls. Enjoy ur hols!!
alllives matter (2 years ago)
Westerners who go to third world toilets to exploit the poor get exactly what they deserve when they are exploited in return by pick pockets and thieves.  Cheers from a Kiwi with morals and ethics.
Thoy (2 years ago)
Good tips Please cross subscribe Thanks
frank .foduw (2 years ago)
Michael Thompson (2 years ago)
Great video Steff. Everyone visiting Thailand should watch this and i totally agree with everything although 4k seems a bit greedy. You should learn to take one girl back at a time and not 4 haha. Doesnt Kevin Burt say never pay more than 1000 baht. Anyway you know the crack Steff so when you create a video like this then everyone should take notice!
Thanks for watching. Yeah, I would never shoot in 4K. But those are the demands from attractive Gogo girls. 1080P HD or 1K is more then enough for most of the ladies to cover the taxi drive back home :) I not want to do a specific video about 'taxi' prizes because it illegal in Thailand. I actually bought a new 4K action cam. No joke. How am i gonna explane this later now? :)
H Max (2 years ago)
I have tip. Don't believe the hype you see here in you tube. The videos are more glamorous than actually being there. I now believe that many videos are over hyped promotions by bar owner or those who may have a stake in Pattaya tourism. Walking Street is nothing more than a dirty-sewage smelling-tourist trap. Don't believe that a Thai lady's good looks and sexy appearance is any judge of how she is going to be in bed. Cold-methodical and clock watching is what you would expect from Thai prostitutes. Don't think that paying for Long Time is an all night sex session because is not. One shot when you get to the hotel and another at around 4 or 5 a.m. before she leaves to " me take care baby".
H Max (2 years ago)
+Richard Garnache is not my generalizations, it was my  experience.  And as the constant smell of sewage is a reality not an opinion.
Richard Garnache (2 years ago)
Depends ... your generalisation is not any more accurate than the opposite generalisations are.
Nick Swift (2 years ago)
im in spain right now steff and a few other places before back to the kingdom of thailand, but maybe when i am back we can discuss more!
In the most bars i come... There is no need to discuss for a price :) You will never see me leave with a bird from WS , An a-gogo or the beach. They still can get angry after paying 4K. :) We should do a video together about this topic :) could be interesting.
JD's Asia Travel (2 years ago)
Most of these tips are based on urban myths and personal biased opinions
H Max (2 years ago)
I agree with the tips and they are good for any man that goes mongering anywhere in the world. Contrary to the picture U.S. authorities and feminist groups are trying to convince every one that prostitutes and escorts are stupid-mindless little girls who are so innocent that they just become victims of big bad man, all women engaged in prostitution are very savvy and street smart, some are out right delinquents.
Yes, I respect your opinion also but i still disagree with you.   I never said that 100 % of all tourist will encounter those problems. I'm also never been drugged.  But changes are very high if you don't respect those rules. I also respect Thai people, But Pattaya is a tourist place and i've been mugged twice all ready. People who are after you belongings don't care if you're a nice person.  And, I never read on Thai Visa for several reasons such as these :).  But i'm sure you're a nice person too.
JD's Asia Travel (2 years ago)
+Steff's Thailand Travel Yes and you can also read on Thai visa blog about how many of these reports turn out to be fraudulent attempts to claim insurance, recreational drugs arent the same as drugs used to subdue an unsuspecting tourist, i have done the opposite to just about every tip you have in your videos and NEVER had a problem during any of my trips, there nice tips and all but as i say most are based on ones own personal fears urban myths and legends. Pattaya is no different to any city in any country, have a little common sense and you will be fine, you make it sound as though everyone going there is going to have a terrible time, respect the people and they respect you, same rules apply
Well, I not say every girl will drug you there. But changes you will be drugged are the highest there on beachroad.  I walked there a couples of week ago. At least 3 people in 10 min. came to ask me to buy drugs from them. I even have it on video. You can go ask at the police station in soi 8 how many victims every day/week come report that they have been drugged from a freelance girl and belongings are stolen. 
JD's Asia Travel (2 years ago)
the assumption that beach road girls will drug for a starter
Marilyn Peladeau (2 years ago)
In many countries and cities around the world it is expected that one will debate the price of an item in outdoor markets where there is no price on the goods one wishes to purchase. Is this the case in Thailand or Pattaya?
Dean Rocks (2 years ago)
+First time travel Thailand Thanks for suggestion bro.do me one more favour please tell me some of the famous bars in PATTAYA...
+Dean Rocks don`t worry about that. there are still plenty more girls then ladyboys. most bars have only girls. some have 1 or 2 ladyboys among the girls. and a few bars are ladyboys only. you will notice this from a distance :-)
Dean Rocks (2 years ago)
+First time travel Thailand can you tell me where I can find real girls in PATTAYA? This will be my first trip i heard alot about ladyboys. so how would i aware or find a girl?
+MARILYN19481 Hi. Thai people are not interested in discussing or argue about the price. For sure not on local markets. Prices are already low. If they think the price is to high, they just don't buy it and walk on. Only in tourist areas as Pattaya you can and must hassle about the price... Souvenirs, cloth shops, Mike shopping mall, etc.. But for food prices it is not done, i think.
Richard Garnache (2 years ago)
4 is completely stipid.  Thailand is a negiotating culture its EXPECTED nothing wrong with bargining with anyone in Thailand over anything.
Richard Garnache (2 years ago)
No the OP is just an idiot who knows very little and wants to argue instead of learn ... thai girls dont like them at all many internet postings say straight up no indians or arabs.  not just the smell bad thing but they are also disrespectfull to the point of violence
H Max (2 years ago)
I just came back from Pattaya about 5 days ago or so, did not hear good things about Indians in particular from taxi drivers or prostitutes. Taxi drivers complaint that Indians smell very bad, prostitutes claimed they were cheap and wanted to pay them half what they were asking. Could they have been saying that because I am not Indian? Maybe, my experience in Pattaya is that at least I can say they do smell bad.
I never met a Thai girl that openly said she loves Indians and Arabs. So yes. I'll stay by my point :) Maybe the girls you met said the same about us, farang :) However i doubt that. I visited also Arab bars.
Ammar (2 years ago)
+Steff's Thailand Travel wow, some Arab and Indians!! Thai girls don't like them?! You know nothing about pattaya or Thai girls, talking like you know it's 3000 km from Arabs to India, it's totally different and they are not the same, you can't judge every one on his race, I've seen stupid farangs acting bad in Thailand and getting kicked out of bars or agogos and get a beating on the streets but I'm not saying all farangs are bad or Thai girls don't like them coz there are girls likes to go "only" with Arabs and of course there are Arabs who pays more than the standard rate in Thailand. However there is nothing wrong with negotiation but upto the reasonable price, myself I just walk away if it's too much above the ongoing rate like 5000 or up, if she said 4000 I try to make it down to 3000 if she was hot and works in agogo but nothing more then 1500-2000 for a bar girl, these prices are not humiliating them and never had a problem since 10 years until my latest trip in last April.
Richard Garnache (2 years ago)
+First time travel Thailand Let me know who thinks paying to much is Right when you find them. :)   
nathancad (2 years ago)
Here are 14 tips for you all 1..most important .dont get too drunk, easiest way to get your self fucked up and in trouble 2...dont fall in love 3...only have short time, never get long time, some are hard to get rid of the next day. 4..dont give them any more money than you have to. her mother is not sick, she doesn't need money in her phone and the water buffalo back on her farm has not sprung a leak. 5...never ever invest any money there 6..dont believe a single word that comes out of her mouth 7..your bar girl is not different from the others, you cant change her, she just wants to suck cock. and shes probably got 10 other boyfriends sponsoring her. 8...stay away from lady boys, they are all trouble 9..always discuss the price of any money transaction first (especially girls) 10..never feel sorry for the girls, ive never met one yet that thinks shes a victim, they make more money than the average American business man 11...stay off motor bikes, 12...DONT TAKE DRUGS 13...Stay humble. Never argue with a Thai person, you will never ever win. 14..set your self up so you can just pack up and leave that day, just in case shit hits the fan
nathancad (2 years ago)
yeah thats what the reception at your hotel should always do, Areca Lodge is good for this to, Great resort right next to the entrance of LK metro. Nice and quiet, but all the action is just a stone throw away, only 1300 a night too.
+Brummie Brink yes Brummie. That's the correct way to handle ID cards at the reception of your hotel. Also never leave your drink alone. So she can not put any drugs into your glass when you take a shower.
Brummie Brink (2 years ago)
Stayed a lot of times in Pattaya, Dynasty Inn hotel in Soi 13. If you take a girl with you, she has to give her ID to the reception. They check it, if it is a real one, so not the girl cannot go with you into your room. If the girl wants her ID back, they ALWAYS CALLS to your hotelroom if everything is fine. If you say not, they do not give the ID back to the girl and call Torurist police ore normal police. I was taken a shower when they called me, i do not hear the phone, so they came and open mine room to check everything. This will help you also a lot and keep your belonings in the safe ore in your suitcase ore in your shoes. Never had trouble with girls in Pattaya
Brummie Brink (2 years ago)
exactly and that is why i find onbelievable that people still send the bar girls money. never do that. respect the girls, fuck them and have a nice with them but never more!! hear so much stories ore scandinavian, german, english, american people lost so much money to the girls. THINK GOOD BEFORE YOU SEND MONEY!!!They are all hookers!!!
Thierry Guibourt (2 years ago)
thank you for those add tips
HjerneStimulanz (3 years ago)
good advise
+hjerneStimulanz Thanks. More coming up about Pattaya: 10 facts you probably never knew about Pattaya. or something like that, If you have tips from yourself....Please let me know
D4nie1TV Thailand (3 years ago)
Damn I break every rule, wonder what the next 5 are :-O
+D4nie1TV I wonder also :)  don't drink alcohol ?  nahh
For now 5 useful Tips you need to know when you come to Pattaya, Phuket or Bangkok and visit the nightlife, disco's and beer bars.  These are not general travel tips but more specific to those area's.   5 more coming up soon.    You can watch them here in part 2 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vq8WNB5DL0U Feel free to comment below if you have more tips or suggestions. Please be polite.
Bryan Partington (2 years ago)
+First time travel Thailand Your welcome buddy,  and  I will drink one to ya next am  in Pattaya, CHEERS!
+Bryan Partington   Thank you for your kind words.  yes, I think it's all about being polite and give some sensible advise.   And some entertainment as well  :)
Bryan Partington (3 years ago)
+First time travel Thailand Yes your giving out good  sensible advice, and it makes a change from some of the idiotic comments I read on some Bangkok and Pattaya videos. keep up the videos, they are entertaining for beginners and seasoned travellers.  
+Bryan Partington   Thanks for your comment.  Yes it can be safe to pick up beach girls. or freelancers from the Bamboo bar or a disco in walking street . I did it also before.  But you must be experienced to Pattaya.  Me and you know what to look out for.  Avoid bad girls or traps.  But my advise for a beginner...  start save with the beerbars.
Bryan Partington (3 years ago)
+First time travel Thailand I have to disagree with the tip about avoiding Beach road girls, I have mostly taken freelancers from Beach Road, and freelancers from Bamboo Bar and have yet to have any trouble in all my previous trips. Apart from that I agree with the other words of advice.

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