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Screencast: Analyzing Oracle Database I/O Outliers

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The combination of Oracle Solaris 11 and Oracle Database 12c introduces a new, unique, and powerful capability. In this screencast, Jon Haslam describes how the Oracle Database and Oracle Solaris engineering teams worked together to integrate DTrace and V$ Views to provide a top-to-bottom picture of a database transaction I/O -- from storage devices, through the Oracle Solaris kernel, up to Oracle Database 12c itself. With this end-to-end view, you can easily identify I/O outliers -- transactions that are taking an unusually long time to complete -- and use this comprehensive data to identify and mitigate storage system problems that were previously extremely hard to debug.
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Sergo Pedro Khoch (2 years ago)
very good - when this will be available on oracle primary OS Linux ? - who cares about SUN in this days. lol

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