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Della Toffola thermovinification plant - Cave l'Avenir - La Redorte - France

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Installation of a complete Della Toffola Biothermo plant in L'Avenir winery in France. Della Toffola’s Biothermo is a complete system for conducting a process of thermovinification - a rapid, in-depth anthocyanin extraction treatment. Thermovinification is an increasingly widely used enological treatment that, by heating the crushed grapes, enables a huge improvement in the extraction of their color. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ASK FOR MORE INFO: https://bit.ly/2Q5xZpS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe!: https://bit.ly/2MO9Whh ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- WEBSITES: Della Toffola Group : https://bit.ly/2Q4ELfz Z-Italia : https://bit.ly/2Ch6WFj AVE Technologies : https://bit.ly/2PzcdKo Priamo : https://bit.ly/2LWLfKu Sirio Aliberti : https://bit.ly/2oGRetx OMB : https://bit.ly/2CkqdWs Gimar : https://bit.ly/2Q6YkUK ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOCIAL: Facebook: https://bit.ly/2wJkR11 LinkedIn: https://bit.ly/2oIO8oZ Instagram: https://bit.ly/2Q6toE3 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTACTS: Della Toffola Group Via Feltrina, 72 31040 Trevignano TV Italy Phone: +39 0423 6772 E-mail: [email protected] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- © Della Toffola SpA - All rights reserved
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