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Beach GIRLS on "How long should FOREPLAY go for?" | Beach Interviews

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Learn to Pick-Up women & TRANSFORM your ENTIRE life with The T8: → http://www.theadriangee.com/members ← ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ Check out 1 of my businesses (176/250 claimed): https://teethwhiteningsolutions.com ▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾ In today's video I, Adrian Gee thought that instead of filming a comment trolling video, 'prank' video or 'social experiment' video I would do another street interview.. Or should I say "beach interview". Some recent interviews I've done are: Do girls watch porn, How often do guys / girls masturbate, does size matter etc... Anyway in this video I thought I would ask random strangers "HOW LONG SHOULD FOREPLAY LAST FOR". If you did enjoy this street interview and you do want to see more street interviews just click the like button (I'd probably still do them even if you clicked dislike) and make sure you comment some interview topics below. I love you guys so much & I really do hope you enjoyed this video! Also, I'm thinking of shooting a fresh new social experiment in a few days so make sure you subscribe and stay tuned for that! ▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾ Click for crazy videos here: ➨ http://bit.ly/1zrY7gU My social media: http://www.twitter.com/adriangruszka http://www.facebook.com/adrianpgruszka http://www.instagram.com/adriangruszka Snapchat - adriangruszka ▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾ My name is Adrian and I go by as Adrian Gee here on YouTube. I'm an aspiring actor / model who loves travelling the world and creating content for you guys here on YouTube. On this channel you will find: Pranks, Social Experiments, Public Trolling, Comment Trolling, Street Interviews, Picking Up Girls, Funny Videos, Epic Crazy Videos.
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Text Comments (845)
Adrian Gee (1 year ago)
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Greg G (2 months ago)
That girl is giving you the keys to drive her right then and there my panties are saturated with Organic liquid she would have put on a public display. I like when girls don't beat around the bush
TA Videos (2 months ago)
Was the girl at 5:30 completely naked?
Adrian Gee
Jawhar Jabir (4 months ago)
Adrian Gee can you made a video about girls armpit
Jean Larocque (5 months ago)
Adrian Ge
AirDrop Legend (12 hours ago)
@4:40 the woman in the back ;D
monty stevens (1 day ago)
@4:33 i'm dead!!!!!!!!!!!!
i fucked ur mom lol (1 day ago)
Adrian G-spot lol
Donald Trump (1 day ago)
4:06 Jamie vardy
Janosz DajHajs (4 days ago)
I had no idea you were Polish
mai kya karu (4 days ago)
go to a girl and say-" tura mai bhokololo" and stare at her .
Timi Kärkkäinen (5 days ago)
Girls/women should learn foreplay themselves
Divyanshu Sharma (6 days ago)
In which country yu shoot such videos Plz reply
Linh H Le (7 days ago)
This guy just wants a date
zSz (8 days ago)
3:00 Ouch hahaha
Teknobliz (9 days ago)
Stupid fucking. Chaneel
matt cullen (10 days ago)
Im so glad ive hit my 40s and no longer desire sex. So many self entitled little whores in todays society
lefteris phasarias (10 days ago)
woah if i ever need to go with another woman i'll be in trouble. my wife is ok with like 0-2 minutes of foreplay.
Amrit Mishra (13 days ago)
Adrian: I really do appreciate the support when u actually, "physically go down" and hit the like button... Adrian: I last for 20 sec and he lasts for 22 secs... Me: 😂😂😂
Nafeesa Hamza (14 days ago)
5:45 Millie Bobby Brown?
Nafeesa Hamza (14 days ago)
Bro, you look like Pewdiepie's wierder brother.
Damian Francis (15 days ago)
Mm. N mm. M m. N mm mm. M mmm m n mm mnmmmmm mm
Manna Barbhuiya (15 days ago)
Skip to 5:22 if interested in thumbnail girl❤️❤️
shinrips (15 days ago)
Head massages? Which head? Lol
yousif Marzoog (16 days ago)
Ask ..... if west girl agree to married an Arabic man?
Server Error (17 days ago)
I would be walking with a boner if I see so many naked women like that
Server Error (17 days ago)
Wow.. the women
Sunil (17 days ago)
wonder where this place is ?
There are no fat people in Australia?
honeybeebadger (20 days ago)
is this guy chinese?
Pudjo Laksono (22 days ago)
Ask them...would they steal their bestfriend girlfriend ?
Green City Agri-Tech. (23 days ago)
wao good
Willy Dafoe (25 days ago)
58 minutes of foreplay, 2 minutes of sex.
Divad Ignawm (21 days ago)
Excellent dear good job
Mo Calaale (26 days ago)
I fucken love #adrian what a realistic interviews he does ✌🏽❤️
death1stalker (27 days ago)
All woman are BDLs is a fact
Kyle Coultas (28 days ago)
I need to move to Australia......
Dibyanshu Sharma (30 days ago)
7:18 he was hard
Santos Icat (1 month ago)
foreplay lasts fiveplay sixplay......
Jahmars Shiva (1 month ago)
Youre real freak Man way out !!!
Shahzaib Ahmed (1 month ago)
Why is there a dude getting interviewed too? Lol
ajab andekha (1 month ago)
Just girl like as aadimanav
Paul Astill (1 month ago)
I could never ever go with a western woman their the same as men to me
Vineet Saurabh (1 month ago)
Hello where is this place?
Vineet Saurabh (1 month ago)
Hello name of this place?
surendra kumar soni (1 month ago)
is chutiye ke pas aur koi kam nahi hai kya ,sirf chutiyapa karta rahta hai.
forget it. (1 month ago)
When he kindly ask for hit the like button I can't say no bro...
Kishore Gaming (1 month ago)
Let's Do 4Play 😂
masita agoya (23 days ago)
When are we going to meet to enjoy to game?
Clint Northwood (1 month ago)
Foreplay. What's that?
BLACK FLAG STUDIO (1 month ago)
I only cum after seeing thumbnail 😂😂
John Nguyen (1 month ago)
4:44 I thought only girls were asked in this video
Rukman Rukman (1 month ago)
Good idea: College for 'sex" studies.😂👍👍
Mundia Kamau (1 month ago)
Loved the take of the third lady i.e. the one at 2:27:-)
Ayub Teno (1 month ago)
Adrian G Spot
gurudev pandey (1 month ago)
4:20 that guys in background is farting😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
cholo potpot (2 months ago)
4:07 she is a gruesome animal
yash suthar (2 months ago)
labaale hersi G (2 months ago)
really I like your video bro keep going
Toby Argall (2 months ago)
If you asked my daughter or sister that youd have some issues son
Greg G (2 months ago)
Ice cubes rubbing on the nipples is considered foreplay the girl said rubbing your head is foreplay!lmao dripping candle wax
Allan Armstrong (2 months ago)
My wife thinks foreplay is something to do with playing golf.
Just a random person (2 months ago)
15 mins
amani mdami (2 months ago)
That girl at 5:21..OMG!! I would fuck her all life long😍😍😍😍
GARG SUNAMI (2 months ago)
Hy andrian.. Where s the shooting done... Its beautiful landscapes
Anwar Ali (2 months ago)
I like your tshirt bro
Entertainment A2Z (2 months ago)
I hv t-shirt for you
basanta chaudhary (2 months ago)
Fuck u all bitchesss. Who are just in bikiny
Awang Young (2 months ago)
don't they realize having sex with other than their husband is sinful
Gale Daniel (2 months ago)
I'm guessing this guy gets laid alot
ZFlyingVLover (2 months ago)
The reason people like foreplay is either because they need to get in the mood, they enjoy being the object of attention or both. If you're a horny bastard, male or female, then it's just a pain in the ass and you want to get down to business. Now if business is too short then foreplay is the only thing to look forward to. lmao
jeffrey mc.keown (2 months ago)
Try to ask some asian girls next time
Agusto EchillOne (2 months ago)
trueness....would be a diff story though
Amit Sharma (2 months ago)
2:17 that dude 😂
قناة عباس (2 months ago)
I like Adrien geespot lol
William Riley (3 months ago)
It depends on how much total time you have...
Johnny Bravo (3 months ago)
You gotta eat that pussy.
Judley The gamer 25 (3 months ago)
Bro I hope you smashed the "wet" girl... Did you?!?
Jerry McCallum (3 months ago)
2:15 Dude!! Seriously🚴 LMAO 😂😂🤣
Jerry McCallum (3 months ago)
Today is my birthday 😊
Lorenzo Maximo (3 months ago)
Confucius say woman like frying pan must heat them up before you put the meat in.
Naimulislam Roni (3 months ago)
where are their boobs gone?they all have flat boobs.
ZakiLoonion (3 months ago)
2:55 Brian Mengel op freestyler at the back
Eloisa Aguilar (3 months ago)
David Ran (3 months ago)
I play your mama all the day you fucking birts!
stepping lightly (3 months ago)
Foreplay is an ongoing event in a relationship. It should never cease. However slight, progressive from one degree to another or intense; it should be in play continually. Ask any Italian, they'll tell you. I like #3 she's got it going on 👍 Green bikini on a field of green booyah! 👍
Sainath Jadhor (3 months ago)
guy have nice body, good personality and younger but he doesn't have sense how to make girlfriend like (silent guy) ........ So does girls like this??
n/ a (3 months ago)
Adrian, tell a girl, " I'll show you mine, if you show me yours", Then pull your shirt up.
Lee Williams (3 months ago)
Organic lube should be a cocktail
C T (3 months ago)
That shirt is fucked up bro
Goral 90 (3 months ago)
4:48: Beach girls on... ? :D
Stephen Attwood (3 months ago)
His face seems fatter?
Rick McGhee (3 months ago)
This is why women cheat, men do not satisfy. 8 minutes total?
Martin Santosh (3 months ago)
It's about enjoying race not about about finishing the race nice word she told, wow, sex is great pleasure.
MadDilla ATCQstarr (3 months ago)
2:42 I'm guessing this girl hasn't kept a partner long enough to know what "foreplay" even involves. #Boring
shubham kumar (3 months ago)
I think your vedios can only allow young generation to masturbate only.
mehr shah (3 months ago)
Hahahahaha.... very nice
Tariq Qadri (3 months ago)
i wonder if he dares to ask this from his sister
Adam Lazaro (4 months ago)
Alfredo Anaya, Jr (4 months ago)
Hey does anyone know what beach is this in Australia?
Lewis MX (4 months ago)
2:50 is definitely a virgin
Cap'n Coconut (4 months ago)
5:34 bet he was staring at the girls boobs behind them glasses .-.
DarkPandaLord (4 months ago)
4:48, wow that's a really pretty girl!
Mr. HUNTERS (4 months ago)
5:40 What's her name? So cute
tim m (4 months ago)
That girl with the hat had me dying

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