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Dragon Nest SEA - Leveling Guide for 1 to 50 + Tips & Tricks ~!

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All new Interactive Leveling guide for Level 1 to 50. Written Guide: http://wp.me/p2mLXc-1uo Level Up Rewards: http://www.dneternity.com/2012/09/21/dnsealeveluprewards2to50/ Level 45 Job Change Guide: http://www.dneternity.com/2012/08/29/dnseajobchangeguide/ Hopefully this will help future and current dragon nest players on leveling. Official Website: http://www.dneternity.com/ Official PVP site: http://www.dnseapvp.com/ Official DN Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/kazudragonhaven Official Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/TillEternityGaming Music: Sneaky Snitch & El Magicia by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Enjoy :) Cheers, AikawaKazu TEGaming
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Text Comments (251)
Leaf Pool (8 months ago)
i miss your dn vidoes kazuu. sadly these tips are not applicable anymore
jayjay santos (8 months ago)
Can this game make money like ran online?
Elizabeth Mazak (2 years ago)
i hate that they canceled comissions i loved those so bad
Ted Lodestone (3 years ago)
Its been awhile, kazu! aldesorer (some random party mate 4 years ago lol)
Mamerto Denaga Jr (3 years ago)
he's chinese he's the best on westwood
TillTheLightTakesUs (3 years ago)
You need to change your VOCAL CORDS.
Vann Helsing (3 years ago)
nice 2 hear ur voice kazu after 1 year quitting DN
Hannibal (3 years ago)
how do i get to DTMI
Jelos Xenos (3 years ago)
well for me leveling is boring but being a beginner mentor and taking 5 gold per run is cool for other
Jelos Xenos (3 years ago)
for levling from 32 to 40
Jelos Xenos (3 years ago)
and for now you need to level at gates to city of death
Edward De Leon (3 years ago)
post a newer version pls (2015)
petz gerald salve (3 years ago)
Thanks For this Tips and Tricks for leveling in DragonNest SEA it work very much i took 2 days for my Lencea 1-80.
Jude santillan (3 years ago)
I'am lvl 45 and i don't have a change job? why so?
OG (3 years ago)
If i use the skill reset scroll will it give me back the SP?
Dragoyle01 (4 years ago)
Excuse my ignorance but can someone tell me the difference in Dragon Nest and Dragon Nest SEA? Kind of confused.
petz gerald salve (3 years ago)
+Lycanthropic Idiot But the GM in DNsea is korean..''GMadriano''.
Dragoyle01 (3 years ago)
huh thank you a lot for clearing that up,
J.M (3 years ago)
And the difference is that they are in different languages and i think korean dn gets all the new stuff first.
Tehasce (4 years ago)
i had to slow down the video to 0.5 speed to understand what you were saying in many sections, but otherwise very good informative video
J.M (3 years ago)
You must be really slow then, if you get it with your slowness.
ironmonkey349 (4 years ago)
small tips u can now open the lvl 30 reward box ^^ but DONT GET YOUR SPEC GIFT FROM IRINE AT LVL 15!! there is now a skill reset scroll in it with the costume and it wont expire till you get it from her. so w8 lvl 70 to get it and just spam you gift box every lvl :D
Lycro Magma Aqw (4 years ago)
You talk fast.
Thank you Bro.! I have reached level 48 in 1 week and 3 days!
Hilman Azraei (4 years ago)
u sounds like u're from malaysia or singapore..that accent..
Nasim H. (4 years ago)
he is
Linous TV (4 years ago)
Thank you very much.dude.new I'm lvl 40 in 1week
MuchoBurritoHD (4 years ago)
Thanks man.. Im just starting a new account here in NA and need to grind solo cause almost everyone is max level and NA has less players.. Gj with this vid
Adrien (4 years ago)
i don't understand the accent :(
Khairul Effendi (3 years ago)
I think he is a Chinese Malaysian.. I can catch up with the accent pretty well.
Adrien (3 years ago)
+One Piece Sucks! no offense dude... im not a native spaker so it is hard to understand you don't have to insult right away
J.M (3 years ago)
ethanash (4 years ago)
I Open The Fricking 30
ethanash (4 years ago)
I Open The Fricking 30
V3 (4 years ago)
anybody know how much we can summon pet at the same time ?
J.M (3 years ago)
one. Why won't you just try it? ._.
Anthony Lamanna (4 years ago)
Why the fuck did all the names of these places change??? Im confused as fuck and I realise of, this is just soverign gates
iBangAPES (4 years ago)
between DNSEA and DNNA, dungeons have different names. 
LIQUID SNAKE (4 years ago)
Kazu! Does this includes gears and items?
LIQUID SNAKE (4 years ago)
Kazu! Does this includes gears and items?
sword galax (4 years ago)
My main char took 3 months(not include the day i wasnt play)to lvl up to 60 T.T #newbie......
Kyousuke Loise (4 years ago)
Kazu what server are u?? :) :)
Rino (4 years ago)
When fast leveling with instances, do you still need to go back and go throug the entire story quest line to be able to access the different places? or will the story guest line for that are be ready when you reach the level req?
REMachina (4 years ago)
Thanks Aikawakazu! Btw, When I reach lvl 45, should I still continue in Riverwort Ruins? or Just continue to the next dungeon after RR?
Saiful Hafiz (4 years ago)
Is FDR better then GDC ??
Kuroko Tetsuya (4 years ago)
would you help  me to choose my class! I'm quite counfused! assassin or sorceresse? who got the highest damage! 
Michael Harry (4 years ago)
Sorry i mean low
Michael Harry (4 years ago)
I think you should use assasin, cause assasin is high at damage and speed. Sorcerer has much debuff, bat may law at HP
walkerallenshinigami (4 years ago)
could anyone give me a tips cause in flooded downstreams my paladin always died especially im a solo player uhhhhhhhhh............................ its ashaming right that a paladin is the most tank of all.....................hehehe coud anyone kindly please give me tips
Striker Zac (3 years ago)
Paladin is a tank but his dmg output is low (hence solo play being difficult if you take on to many enemies at once).
GameAdict92 (4 years ago)
although hes very insightful i cant fully understand him -.-
natetechrock (4 years ago)
Whenever I level i get no new gift boxes from the store
ironmonkey349 (4 years ago)
engenier op for pve! i solo m nest lvl 24 xD... so yhea
Foaya (4 years ago)
600 videos ! gg kazu, Keep on the good work ;)
Agentred25 (4 years ago)
U talk to fast dude
Yue Ai (4 years ago)
Lv24-32 i prefer going to Flooded downstream ruins straight away ~ o.O and choose to stay there till lv40 or move to FIC after lv32:) btw nice guide thou
Yue Ai (4 years ago)
Erm Kazu, you say the level 30 reward box giving SP reset expired in 7days? it's not 7day, it is ONLY 1 Day :) The 7day SP reset is the one you get from NPC Irene :>
Sir_Wulf (5 years ago)
whats that scroll reset thing for? Im new to this game...
Jaig Eyes (4 years ago)
it resets all the skill points (SP) you invested in skills. Let's say you spent 80 skill points and you use the reset scroll, the 80 points will be removed from all the skills you put them in so you can change them.
Piglet Bacon (5 years ago)
Anyone here that play Dragon Nest Sea that wanna play together :P None of my friends like this game, i am lvl 35 hook me up (IGN: RamesesB) ^^ Have a nice day
ZDY (5 years ago)
So this gift box is only in dragon nest sea right?
Błażej (5 years ago)
on EU server there are too but for lvl 24, 15 etc i think
ZDY (5 years ago)
So at level 16 not handing in quest to event planner Irine let's you to hold it indefinitely. Does this still work? Have they patched it and does this only work in dragon nest sea? I'm playing on the North American server (what's the difference when u add the word Sea after the game title?)
Victor Uriarte (4 years ago)
I think the SEA is for the different region of the world that the server is in. I'm in the same boat as you lol
Axeleus (5 years ago)
Oh i forgot im in SEA 
jayz5052 (4 years ago)
+melvin alonzo  im in westwood
Axeleus (5 years ago)
I play Springwood melvin im already level 31 
melvin alonzo (5 years ago)
hey man are you playing dragon nest what server do you play im from westwood you what server are you Acer2100
The Best Boi Grill (5 years ago)
is there any faster ways? cause this is quite slow for me and i will get a little bored playing the same dungeon over and over
shinn Asuka (5 years ago)
i guess the other way is only to do dumb and stupid side quests
Yonglei wu (5 years ago)
nice :D 
PsychoShyio (5 years ago)
My merc 40 do DTMI in 1:05 ( personal record :D )
Charles Ford (5 years ago)
Wayne Sun (5 years ago)
Hi there new here in Dragon nest :). Any1 interested to play with me or guide me through :). I am sure to be a good companion with you and I really clueless about this game for now :/. I cant find friends to play with for now too!! :(. I am poor atm so might need some help here. Hope any1 kindly help me here thx. Wont ask for items or money just need companion and some guidance :). Friends is important to me :)
Khin Natha Yeisyn (5 years ago)
Snuggle (5 years ago)
can you make a equipment guide?, like the best equipment for your level and how to get it
walkerallenshinigami (5 years ago)
how about that im paladin and slow runner lvl 26 how would i reach lvl 30 fast
Christian Arcden (5 years ago)
26-30 wonderful theme park , 30-32 dark mines .
Christian Arcden (5 years ago)
So true :D
daryl ho (5 years ago)
That would be $732 sing dollars ($12 GTS) so you will need to buy 24 cards that have 30,000cc if you want the cheapest :V
Sky Star (5 years ago)
dude i love you soo much, keep it up XD
Sorry for bad manners. What is the soundtrack when the video begins? o.o
EchGaming11 (5 years ago)
I understood him perfectly O>O
inademv (5 years ago)
When will NA get the patch to make ML not garbage?
Armitshu Shu (5 years ago)
Yes, some player even less than 5 days. 24 hours / day maybe? Well, if you're boring 'coz keep do the same thing you can do side quest for a while and start grinding again.
EvolOfIrfan (5 years ago)
is hard 26-32
yui kim (5 years ago)
I thought the best way to lvl up on lvl 26-32 is dark mines
Marco Gaglia (5 years ago)
If you want an advice please talk slower.. I couldn't understand a word of what you were saying
SM GC (5 years ago)
where do you got favorable degree?
Kale Bishop (5 years ago)
That's for leveling 32-40 BTW Becoz FDR can already be accessed somewhere at 24-32 leveling.
Kale Bishop (5 years ago)
Isn't this guide a little outdated? My friends recommend GDC (Gates to Death City) rather than FDR. Compare it with FIC and FDR.
lol mazniej. do have another fastest way ? i can go to lvl 1-50 in 5 days using kazu method. can u do it faster ? mr.pro player? lol
solid12295 (5 years ago)
could this work for NA severs alot of the names are different and im not sure i the xp values are the same
IMonuMen7aL (5 years ago)
can you just sell your items when there +6/8? or something special to do with them?
jhon shebib (5 years ago)
Where can I get a mount? or how can I get some?
Karen Choi (5 years ago)
Is he Chinese?
Pazzu (5 years ago)
You can actually grind Flooded Down Stream Ruins (Submerged Ruins in NA) from lvl 24. So it is the way to go to grind from 24-40. (Beased on what i know from DN na)
Piglet Bacon (5 years ago)
Thanks alot ma'am, your guide was soo good :)
MiloCoffee (5 years ago)
GDC is short for Gates of Death City, located @ hermalte port, dark mines portal, icon is a stone half golem
Piglet Bacon (5 years ago)
I was just wondering what GDC means? Is it a dungeon? i cant seem to find any information about it.
MiloCoffee (5 years ago)
in Holywood ppl do it like this, 1-9 village quests, 9-16 Sigh Canyon, 16-24 DTMI, 24-32 DOK/FDR, 32-40 GDC/FIC, 40-50 RR, 50-60 MCSB, dunno when this pattern came up but its pretty good if you want to reach cap within a week with the help of a 25 guild for full pledged and the brave document. i suggest doing quests from 1-60 though exp+epic story and you learn about a thing or two about the NPCs BUT you get to lvl cap REALLY SLOW compared to grinding :) either way pretty nice guide kazu! cheers
Arianne Lin (5 years ago)
I'm new in game........ Where to find a guild? I'm in Springwood
xEclipse07 (5 years ago)
whts inside the gift box of lvl 50-60!
Would it be wise to skip main quests?
Till Eternity Gaming (5 years ago)
if you're referring to level 60 moonlord/gladiator skill build it has already been up. for level 50-60 guide, the video is already up. both up for a pretty long time already.
Michael Mills (5 years ago)
Is there going to be a level 60 update to your build site and guide soon or nevar?
Piglet Bacon (5 years ago)
Wow those turrets from your Character is so op :D
Slime * (5 years ago)
Fucking Spurs.
Don Macjabber (5 years ago)
not in my case well i guess im just out of luck everytime I play... im sick of those strong players being needy.
onofre pramis (5 years ago)
its not that hard to find... there a lot of lvl 60 players who are more than welcome to help. free of charge.. :))
blinkyourdead1 (5 years ago)
run dungeons on normal or hard and do quests
Tony Aceves (5 years ago)
1 question, I'm lvl 42 atm, I'm trying to do Riverwort Village Ruins, but all the channels are empty aside from GCD When I solo at Master it takes like 7 min its way too long
DemoNx Xiiao (5 years ago)
what happened if i chg my job at lv 16?
Don Macjabber (5 years ago)
is it possible to run Mino Nest when theres only 2 of you doing it? (both lvl 24) my friend and I don't want to run with other players the same level us ours coz we'd have competition for loots. and its hard to find strong players to aid you without asking for 300 gold per run..
bn j (5 years ago)
this vid help me a lot> /watch?v=8ZvJOWyRun8
Zanbayu Kurosaki (5 years ago)
theres no damn solo guide? i wont share drops in my party gold > levels
Ian Manal (5 years ago)
Far Hand (5 years ago)
i use PLEDGED SET + BRAVE DOCUMENT = 200k exp at DOK each Abyss round
Dat zilo (5 years ago)
Nope flooded is way more better i tried that
Mark Angelo Sollano (5 years ago)
kazu how about in Gates to City of Death? lvl 32 - 40 is it ideal?
Frazier Scott (5 years ago)
It's hard to get in a party on this game, the games fun though. Someone help me out here.
blindfire227 (5 years ago)
Hey, I just started playing this game a few days ago. Just wondering how you're doing that boost with the Engineer/Academic. Is it a macro?

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