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Michael Belew (2 days ago)
You have been told that the video titles does not match the content of the video, so leaving it is just click bait. Bad practice
RMR (11 days ago)
Please Don't put wrong titles and don't waste our time...... You did not show how to show database data.....
Boris Budeck (1 month ago)
TablePress is a great table plugin but not meant to be used as a database. Yes, you can display single cell data from our table with a shortcode in any post or page. But using tables with more than a few dozen rows makes the plugin almost unusable. The backend editor for your tables will display your full data content always, there is no pagination or row limit. This will make your browser stop working pretty fast when editing your table (I used a table with 250 rows and 5 columns and it became unwieldy as hell). If the author ever made some changes to the backend editor area (only display 10 rows at a time and improve filter/search function) it could be used as a small database. Frontend search is lightning fast. Ninja Tables has a much better backend editor area but unfortunately you can't display single columns or cells by using shortcodes, only the full table.
j g (1 month ago)
lol..the little thumbnail is hilarious...
Lauras B (1 month ago)
ha ha, where is database ? and second: is russian your native language?
Caesar (2 months ago)
I need the table to be hidden until typing in the search bar
Saleem Abbas (2 months ago)
ass hole lier change the description u just creat a table u cum
hey Martin i have sent you email. please check that and reply me as soon as possible.
Jens Jacob Schmidt (2 months ago)
WORDPRESS DISPLAY DATA FROM DATABASE IN TABLES ...... hey what dos this meen... budhead
Keith Dickens (3 months ago)
WORDPRESS - Ok, I'm with you that's what I got... DISPLAY DATA FROM DATABASE - We're on a roll here, I have data I put in a custom database and I'd love a quick solution to how to inject that data onto a page... IN TABLES - sounds good. Take my pre-existing data from my custom database and show me how to put it into a table on my Wordpress page. You did none of that. You created a basic table using a table building plugin. It just so happens that Wordpress stores data in a database. You are making use of the default functionality of Wordpress. Your title makes it seem that you are going to show us how to pull data from a pre-existing database and put it in a table on a Wordpress page. Nope. Just because Wordpress uses a database to store ALL OF ITS DATA doesn't mean that you're showing us how to query database data and display it. Video rating: TOTAL FAIL.
All about life (3 months ago)
disappointed....tablepress does not fetch data from DB..at least change the title..
Hamza Memon (4 months ago)
can u post the table on some other page and post the search box on another page??
umee86 (4 months ago)
You didn't displayed data from Database
H.Shinobu Shinobu (5 months ago)
Your video only display data that is hard-coded, not retrieved from database
Eko Randa (7 months ago)
this so hard dude www.atmaluhur.ac.id
WPCODER Shishir (7 months ago)
https://www.joomusic.info/joosilver how can i create this table and the data is show by Date
diku gandu (8 months ago)
thank you, sir, but I learn about how to insert data from a database, like a registration form user side, user enter his data and save WordPress database at particle table .......
Jonathan Swart (8 months ago)
Crypto Earnings (8 months ago)
Nice information I had subscribed your channel please subscribe my youtube channel thanks
Davide Marras (9 months ago)
Hi, nice video. Can I get this data in json format? Can I access it with rest API? Thanks
africa mia (10 months ago)
Hi Mrtins, thank you for your tutorial, is possible that each field of the table has a link?
Nicolas D (10 months ago)
Tudor Chirciu (10 months ago)
Change the name or something. You are not displaying any data from some DATABASE. I just spent 8 minutes learning nothing.
keithdjohnson (7 months ago)
What an arrogant, condescending reply! Of course EVERYTHING in WordPress is essentially stored in a database. Post a helpful reply, not a rude one!
Tudor Chirciu (10 months ago)
The name of your video is "WORDPRESS DISPLAY DATA FROM DATABASE IN TABLES". Am I missing something. I give you a database, make the add-on display data from it, ok? The name of your video should be "WORDPRESS-CREATE A FREAKING TABLE WITH THE HELP OF AN ADDON"
Martins Hacks (10 months ago)
How do you think when you are entering the data in table - where is it stored :) you think it is getting hardcoded :) All data is stored in database man if you don't understand this just learn web architecture first how front end is communicating with backend/serverside no obuse just saying as all data is getting stored in database reference data so as actual entered data in tables:)
Diksha Sharma (11 months ago)
How can i show my table values on next page?
Mark Darkray (11 months ago)
It is a clickbait.
Martins Hacks (11 months ago)
it is not :) Where the data is getting stored?? In database right? So after in admin you plase in table it is displayed on site right? :) If you want to play around with code and display it with SQL query and php then just install PHP plugin and do it its so easy - but the idea of CMS is to keep everything away from code so user who is not awear of programming can use it - is that correct ? - So by logic this then is not a clickbait if you are a programmer same as me :) Just saying no obuse
Vanaja Kumari (1 year ago)
Use this plugin addon : http://derniertec.com/products/wordpress/plugins/cf7-custompost/ You need to have contact form 7 installed and activated. This addon will save the form data as custom post types which you select the name. Image uploaded will be post thumbnail. All other form fields goes to post meta. Now a real quick way to integrate wordpress front-end form to save to database and as custom posts. Weather contact form send you mail or not, the submitted data will be saved secured in your wordpress admin
sarsiva (1 year ago)
How do you display data from MySQL database table to Wordpress? Do you have to write some code to connect the MySQL database to Wordpress to display the data. If you have to write some code to connect the MySQL database to Wordpress to display the data where would you write and store the code. What source code do you use to connect the MySQL database to Wordpress.
Visualmodo (1 year ago)
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piw dede nurmuhamad (1 year ago)
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M. Olivio (1 year ago)
nice, pretty clean. Now if I have a table in my cpanel, how do I display it in this plugin?
corpse corpse (1 year ago)
To record data into DB is easy. But how to display these data in some page? It means - to record data into some table / form in page (not in administation !) , save them and display this ones in other page :-) It seems a big problem in WP:-(
vivek hundlekar (1 year ago)
Nice video, how i can allow visitor to update data
Imile de Bruin (11 months ago)
Did you figure this out?
Jc John (1 year ago)
where are the data from database? . this bald!.
Martins Hacks (1 year ago)
All data gets stored in database - close the site open if data is there then its obviously in database not on HTML page is that correct ?
Laercio Civali (1 year ago)
Please how to merge all cells of the first row to appear it like a title list? Tks
Toobs B (1 year ago)
you're just creating a table, you don't display any data from your mySQL Database!..
Vladislav Holler (9 months ago)
but still nice vids, consider to develop this useful topic in the future :)
Vladislav Holler (9 months ago)
same misunderstanding. I expected to find out how to connect database to some visualisation tool such as table or graph, in order to automaticaly visualize data submited through the form.
Martins Hacks (1 year ago)
I always use caps for my videos :) probably this is just misunderstanding :)
Toobs B (1 year ago)
of course it is, but you dont display data FROM your database, you display data and insert it to your database.. your vid is nice, but not what i'd expect from this CAPSLOCK TITLE
Martins Hacks (1 year ago)
The data for this is being stored in database - or watch my other video where I show how to use web-form to store data in database which ca be submitted by any user and then it is available in your admin as well
312Hunter (1 year ago)
How do you import data from a database though?
Abdul Razzak (1 year ago)
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Satyam Chauhan (1 year ago)
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Satyam Chauhan (1 year ago)
Nice i liked your video
Martins Hacks (1 year ago)
Thanks man :)

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