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ProShow Effects Pack: Portraits Demo

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New Effects Pack Portraits for ProShow Gold, Producer and ProShow Web. Classic photo book layouts brought to life in slideshows. Inspired by the look of coffee table photo books, Effects Pack Portraits offers 25 sets of formal & casual themed slide style layouts, perfect for family, wedding, boudoir, teen & holiday slideshows. Demo features a selection of style samples - not all effects are shown. Works with ProShow 6. Only $19.95 — get it here: http://www.photodex.com/eid9278/proshow/effects#epPortraits • Includes 25 sets of slide styles for ProShow 6 • Each set includes 12 photo styles + matching title styles • Supports different photo orientations - landscape, portrait & square. • Over 400 professionally-designed styles — our best value yet. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our channel to receive all of the latest updates! Song Credits (listed in featured order): First Class - http://www.premiumbeat.com Tomorrow Is Here - http://www.premiumbeat.com It Matters - http://www.premiumbeat.com One Step Further - http://www.shockwave-sound.com
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Fazlullah Ghaws (2 years ago)
which is your latest version of Proshow Producer till now??? and which one is the best???
Photodex (2 years ago)
+fazlullah ghaws Hi! The latest version of ProShow Producer is version 7.0.3527. The best product for full control is ProShow Producer, go here to compare our products: http://www.photodex.com/proshow/compare . Thanks.
Carlos Santos (3 years ago)
sou novo aqui ... por favor como comprar?
Lucy H B Almeida (3 years ago)
eu quero este pacote! por favor envi8e modo de pagamento para "[email protected]"
Photodex (3 years ago)
Olá Lucy! Para comprar ProShow, vá aqui: www.photodex.com/buy. Obrigado.
<3 <3 <3 
Nguyễn Hiền (4 years ago)
hi. what the problem is in your website? i can not visit  your website to find out more information? 
Hoàng Triệu Mẫn (3 years ago)
Xin chào cả nhà G+. dạo này đám cưới liên miên, mệt quá. Ghé qua nhà các bạn +++ full và comment đầy đủ. Mời cả nhà qua nhà mình nhé 
Amutat Kitvei Yad (4 years ago)
Question for you guys at Photodex. Is each "chapter" the 12 section picture and then the individual frames,  a single style? or do you manually pick the images for the montage page and manually do each individual image; and that fact that in your demo each time it showed the montage followed by individuals the individuals came from the montage was because you did that manually. Thanks Allen
Photodex (4 years ago)
Hello! The 16 image montage is a contact sheet that we put together for the demo video only. The contact sheet in the demo is used to introduce each set of styles available in the Portraits pack and is not available as a single style.  Thanks.
Victor S Film (4 years ago)
Посмотрел, зашел в прошоу и фотошоп. Сделал все сам. Приятно и средства целы :) 
VentocillaPictures (4 years ago)
Como siempre, formidable!
vallephoto (4 years ago)
Not loading at all!!! Very disappointed. Reset my roadrunner and router so its not at my end. LMK when its really available.
Photodex (4 years ago)
Hello! First check the file size of the download, it should show 318mb. To check this, right-click on the installation file, select 'properties' and locate 'size'.  If the download is complete and you are having issues opening the installer, there may be some type of software conflict that is preventing the installer from running. Feel free to contact us at 800-377-4686 between 8:30am - 5:30pm (central) so we can take a closer look. Thanks.
EZEQUIEL MATHEUS (4 years ago)
WOW Wonderful.

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